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Gusseted Polyethylene Bags Expand to Effectively Pack Bulky Items and Conform to Irregularly Shaped Objects - Charlotte, NC

25 Nov 2014

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Gusseted poly bags in Charlotte, NC can be used in many applications, not just storing and shipping lighter items. Just like the other types of polyethylene products, they are also tested, inspected, and stamped for quality assurance. They are made of 100% virgin low density polyethylene resin which meets the specifications of FDA and USDA. Therefore, they can be safe to use even for food handling and healthcare applications.

Gusseted polyethylene bags are engineered through the most efficient and economical method to provide over three times the impact and twice the tensile strength of traditional bags. These three dimensional poly bags come with a durable and fitted bottom seal while featuring superior clarity to show the quality of all the items contained inside. They have side gussets that easily expand to effectively pack bulky items and conform to irregularly shaped objects.

Based on the type of application, gusseted poly bags can be heat sealed, taped shut, or tied or stapled. Apart from being available in various gauges, these bags can also be customized to have different sizes and printed designs to match the specific needs of your business.

Every polyethylene bag is designed with the same integrity benefits as other plastic bags being produced in the market, only that it has improved puncture, penetration, and load-bearing strength. For more details, contact Atlantic Poly.