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Polyethylene Garment Bags Provide Premium Protection for Your Clothing Line - Providence, RI

03 Sep 2014

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If your business is designing or selling wholesale or retail clothing, you must learn to run your business so that you are able to offer the most affordable trending products and services possible. Plastic garment and dry cleaning bags can protect and promote garments when in storage or during transit.

Polyethylene garment bags are a staple in the apparel, garment, sewn goods, or related industries. They have a variety of applications, not just for packing and storing dry-cleaned clothes. These poly bags come in different sizes and styles in order to provide premium protection from dirt, dust, and moisture during shipment or storage. Plastic garment bags can also be custom-designed and closeable for easy opening and closing.

Polyethylene garment bags in Providence, RI are known for clear and light weight packaging, and can even be custom-printed to carry you company name or brand. They are tested and proven to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in selling and retailing your brand. With sloped shoulder tops and pre-slit holes for hangers, these poly garment bags offer clear presentation which is perfect for companies attending fashion trade shows.

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