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The Types and Uses of Pallet Wrap

06 Dec 2013

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Pallet wraps are used in all types of businesses, but there are all types of pallet wraps. Pallet covers and pallet shrouds are very easy to use for large items. The take less time to use, so are more cost-effective from a labor and time standpoint. At Atlantic Poly, specialty plastic  shrouds and wraps can be custom-made in most size objects with no minimum order size.

Stretch films are another pallet wrap product that can help with costs. When pallets are wrapped, damage and theft are both decreased. Hand stretch wrap from Atlantic Poly is super puncture resistant and has excessive load retention for additional protection.  Hand stretch wrap is also fairly quiet to use.

Pallet Stretch Wrap  is better used for both value and quality. Great for holding products in place and protecting them from dirt, moisture and theft.

Pre-cut gusseted bags are often used for pallet and machinery protection.  For easy dispensing these come perforated on a roll.

For all your pallet wrapping needs, contact Atlantic Poly.