Poly Bags - Polyethylene Bags


Polyethylene sheeting is folded to form the bottom 
of the bag, which is then sealed at each side, 
creating a neat, trim package. 
Sideweld Poly bag
Perforated Lip

A sideweld bag may have a perforated lip which is stapled to a cardboard header for easy tear-off. 
Preforated Lip Poly Bag
Bottom Seal

Seamless tubing, sealed at the bottom, item individually cut.
Bottom Seal Poly Bag
Flip-Top Bag (Baggie Style)

A sideweld bag, where the lip tucks in for automatic closing.
Flip Top Poly Bag
Pocket Bag

A bag is sealed into pockets for multiple product 
unit packaging per bag.
Pocket Poly Bag
Wicketed Bag

A sideweld bag with two holes punched in the lip. A metal wicket is inserted in the lip holding the bags together, allowing for individual bag removal.
Wicket Poly Bag
Lip & Tape Bag

A sideweld bag with an extended lip.
Lip and Tape Poly Bag
Door Knob Bags

Versatile bags pre-punched with a 1.5" hang hole.
Door Knob Poly Bags
Perforated Roll

A continuous roll of seamless tubing is made into bottom-seal bags, which is perforated at specified bag lengths for easy tear-off of individual bags.
Preforated Roll Poly Bag
Flat Sheeting

Polyethylene sheeting cut to size for general wrapping, lining or dividing layers.
Flat Sheeting Poly Bags
Header Bag

A sideweld bag with a continuous seal along the width, 2-3" below the fold, creating a header on which the bag will hang.
Header Poly Bag
T-Shirt Bag

Convenient Handle bags.
T Shirt Poly Bag


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