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Polyethylene Agricultural Film Enhances Crop Quality and Productivity

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 27, 2018
Atlantic Poly Polyethylene Sheets in Hartford, CT

Farms and other agricultural facilities use protective films to shield their crops from elements that may damage them. Polyethylene sheets are the preferred material because of their durability and affordability which is an advantage to farmers. They are multi-purpose and readily available.

Polyethylene agricultural film is used for greenhouse, mulch and silage stretch films, silage sheets, and more. These films are widely used by farmers for crop production. Utilizing polyethylene agricultural sheets is effective in weed control, soil moisture conservation, and soil temperature elevation to enhance crop quality and yield. In fact, biodegradable polyethylene films are now available to support organic farming. Because they do not use herbicide, this plastic film is applied to combat weed growth and to condition the soil for plant cultivation.

Agricultural sheets sheets in Hartford CT are available in two colors with three different weights. They come in various sizes and gauges to serve multiple applications. Contact Atlantic Poly for high quality agricultural films.

Poly Garment Bags are Essential to the Laundry Business

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 20, 2018
Atlantic Poly Gusseted Poly Bags

If you are a planning to start or already manage a professional dry cleaning and laundering business, you need to invest in poly garment bags. These poly bags protect clothes from dirt, creases, and damage. If you offer dry cleaning and other laundry services, these garment bags are the perfect partner in maintaining the integrity of cleaned and iron garments.

Polyethylene garment bagsare available in various sizes to fit all types of wardrobes. They are guaranteed high quality and won't tear easily. These poly bags are designed with hanger holes and pleated shoulders for easy hanging and storage. They can be customized and allow laundering businesses to print logos, brands, and other information for marketing purposes. These poly bags not only provide safe-keeping to cleaned clothes, they can also serve as effective marketing tool.

Polyethylene garment bags in Wilmington, MA are the preferred choice by many laundry services because of their customization, availability, and competitive pricing. Contact Atlantic Poly for custom-designed poly garment bags.

Branded Plastic Bags for Marketing Efforts with a Broad Reach

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 13, 2018
Atlantic Poly printed poly bags in Manchester, NH

A great and cost effective way to help your marketing efforts is to incorporate it in your consumers daily lives. Branded plastic bags serve as a safe and convenient way to transport products but they can also be used as an effective marketing tool. There's a very good chance that plastic shopping bags are used repeatedly by customers for other purposes. This means they see your branding everyday.

Customized plastic bags in Manchester, NH can double your advertising efforts in a cost-effective and simple way. A simple and eye-catching logo or design makes it easy to see and read. Plus, your brand reaches a broader reach with little spend.

Custom-printed plastic bags enables businesses to print a logo, business name, location, contact number and other relevant information. They come in different sizes and various colors to match a color scheme. Maximize your business marketing efforts with branded plastic bags. Contact Atlantic Poly to get your customized plastic bags printed instantly.

Stretch Films For Exceptional Loss Damage Protection

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 06, 2018
Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Boston, MA

Product damage loss can cause a major setback to your net profit. In order to reduce loss damage, utilize polyethylene stretch films on your manufacturing and shipping procedure. This stretch film product provides excellent protection to keep your product's condition in top shape during handling and shipment.

Stretch film is an excellent protective measure when transporting products. Not only it provides product protection from dust and moisture, it can also serve as tie straps. Polyethylene stretch film in Boston, MA is exceptional in terms of providing stability of pallets especially during transit. Moreover, it also provides UV protection to products stored outdoors. Plus, it protects your shipping boxes from friction damage that often leads to scrapes and tears.

Furthermore, stretch films are designed to be transparent for easy item identification and easy detection of internal tampering. Clear stretch films can surely prevent cases of larceny or theft inside the company. To find out more about the benefits of stretch films, contact Atlantic Poly.

Bubble Wraps For Excellent Protection of Fragile Items

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 29, 2018
Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Boston, MA

When you ship or store fragile items, protective wrappings are necessary to keep them intact and safe from damages. Polyethylene packaging products are used for many business applications which is mainly for protection purposes of delicate items. Bubble packs are one of the most indispensable polyethylene products in shipping companies.

Bubble wraps in Boston, MA offer various sizes and thickness options to serve varying business requirements. They are inexpensive and comes in rolls, sheets and bags for easy and efficient dispensing of the material. Bubble wraps provide an excellent protection because of its air-filled pockets that serve as a cushion while maintaining the item lightweight for a low freight charge.

Moreover, bubble wraps support the campaign for a greener environment. In fact, there are biodegradable bubble wraps that break down in landfills and the soil can completely absorbs them. These eco-friendly polyethylene products are now up for grabs in the market. Contact Atlantic Poly for high-quality bubble wraps and other polyethylene packaging products.

Custom-Made Poly Shrouds and Bags Can Be Used to Protect Large Products and Promote Your Brand

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 22, 2018
Atlantic Poly - Custom Made Poly Shrouds, Hartford, CT

Poly shrouds are commonly used in factories to protect large items from ESD and other contaminants. This is usually applied for safe packing whether the item is in storage or being prepared for shipment. Because many items have irregular sizes, custom-made poly shrouds are available to safely cover items with larger dimensions.

Polyethylene shroud in Hartford, CT are used for packing and covering auto parts, electronic devices, pallets of boxes, and other heavy equipment. They are economical, low density and anti-static. They come in various sizes to fit any item and can be further customized to conform to the shape of the object. Various colors are also available depending on your purpose or application.

Moreover, custom-made polyethylene bags and shrouds can be printed for branding and labeling purposes. This superior strength material provides protection to product using branded poly bags and shrouds.

For high quality custom-designed poly shrouds and bags, contact Atlantic Poly.

Anti-Static Bags Prevent Electrostatic Damage in Highly Sensitive Electronic Devices

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 15, 2018
Atlantic Poly Anti-Static Bag

Static sensitive items such as electronic devices should be delicately handled especially when in contact with other items. These gadgets and equipment can be damaged by electrostatic discharge. Static emissions can occur during human handling or contact with electronics and their parts. Thus, in industrial settings where electronics are manufactured anti-static bags are indispensable for daily packaging.

Anti-static bags in Boston, MA are available in various sizes and types making them suitable for various content. The pink anti-static bag is commonly used for less sensitive electronic items which are still receptive to static discharges. They also prevent the buildup of static inside the bag. Metallic static shielding bags are available as well which offer Faraday Cage Protection for highly sensitive products. This keeps static electricity from penetrating the contents.

When choosing anti-static protective bags, businesses are making an investment to further protect products during storage and shipping. Contact Atlantic Poly for more information on anti-static packaging.

Prevent Floor Damage with High Quality Surface Protection During Construction and Renovations

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 08, 2018
Atlantic Poly Drum liners in Hartford, CT

Floor shields are used to protect your floors from potential damages during construction. Surface protection is available in various forms depending on your flooring material. It is important to determine the type of shield that is suitable for your floor for maximum protection.

There are all types of floor and surface shields for builders and contractors to use during construction and renovation projects.

  • Carpet shields are clear, self-adhering protective film that is suitable for all types and thicknesses of carpeting. It is designed to highly resist tears or punctures.
  • Hardwood floor shields are made for hard surfaces such as tile, vinyl, VCT, laminates, marble, granite and other finished hardwood.
  • The Dust Pro shield is a state of the art protective sheeting for constructing temporary walls in order to control dust and heat loss. It works by locking the screening material against the floor and ceiling.
  • Lastly, there is the Pro-Shield which provides the ultimate protection for all your flooring needs. The top is highly absorbent, slip-resistant and lightweight and it is easy to clean using a broom or vacuum.

Atlantic Poly offers these high quality protective floor shieldsand dust shields. This protective sheeting protects your customers floors from damage. Contact Atlantic Poly to find out more about our surface protection products.

DrumSkin Drum Liners are Efficient for Various Purposes and Applications

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 01, 2018
Atlantic Poly Drum liners in Hartford, CT

DrumSkin drum liners are typically constructed and thermoformed from FDA approved polyethylene. They are designed to provide an extra level of safety, reliability and protection from various materials such as liquids that are viscous or dense as well as other raw products. Using drum liners is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to store, ship, mix, and process liquids, chemicals, pastes, powders and more.

Drum liners in Hartford, CT are produced with different thicknesses and gallon capacities, from a few gallons to over 55 gallons. The comprehensive selection of drum liners is intended for general use and they can be custom-made to fit specific applications. The low density but high quality drum liners provide superior tensile strength and maximum resistance to tears for less mess, leakage, and risk of contamination.

An empty, clean drum is easier to reuse or recycle than those that have hazardous or contaminating material residue. Drum liners eliminate the need for drum cleaning. Liners promote easy, clean and safe waste disposal which greatly benefit many type of businesses.

To find out more about drum liners, contact Atlantic Poly.

Custom-Printed Polyethylene Plastic Tape Secures Package While Getting Your Message Across

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 25, 2018
Atlantic Poly Polyethylene Tapes Hartford, CT

Using custom-printed polyethylene plastic tape in Hartford, CT is a cost-effective way to ensure the security of packages while getting your message across. This versatile and multipurpose tape is not only useful for different types of packaging and commercial applications, but it is also used for identifying product, advertising, and for cautionary warning and handling advice.

Custom-printed polyethylene plastic tape allows you to print and highlight your company name and logo to make packages look more professional. Imagine the impact that your product will have on your customers when the outer package is securely sealed with your logo and name. Poly tape can help promote your company and inform customers of the other products you offer as well. With the latest technology paving the way for more convenient and more cost-effective customization, you can have custom-printed polyethylene plastic tape that suits your business needs perfectly.

When using custom-printed polyethylene plastic tape to seal boxes, your packages are going to stand out from the rest. Additionally, with cautionary messages labeled on packages such as “Fragile," “Handle with Care,” and "This Side Up" it will be easier to ensure package integrity for those that need special handling or storage.

To find out more about customizing polyethylene plastic tape, contact Atlantic Poly.


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