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POLY or PVC Shrink Wrap Uses

06 Jun 2010

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PVC SHRINK COLLARS - Commonly used as a security measure on medication bottles. Available in a variety of gauges, colors, and prints. Horizontal or vertical perforations are available for easy open. All sizes are custom.

- Commonly used on wine and champagne bottles as a security measure.

POLYETHYLENE SHRINK BUNDLING FILM - Single wound shrink low density polyethylene generally used to shrink wrap bundles of newspaper, cases of bottled water or soda, individual boxes, etc.

POLYETHYLENE SHRINK PALLET COVERS - Clear shrink pallet covers are stock for some standard sized pallets. Custom sizes are available in a variety of sizes, gauges and prints. Shrink pallet covers are used by covering the pallet with the bag and applying heat with a hand held propane powered heat gun.

PVC SHRINK WRAP BAGS - Used for shrink wrapping a variety of small items, generally in small quantity. Bags are stocked in sizes ranging from 6"x6" up to 14"x20" . Bags with a rounded top are also stocked, commonly used for gift baskets. The bags would be sealed with a tabletop heat sealer and shrunk with a hand held 110V electric industrial heat gun.


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