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Polyethylene Bags Have Been Around For More Than 50 Years

02 Nov 2010

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Polyethylene bags have been in demand for the past half-century. The material for these bags - polyethylene, was invented back in 1899 in Germany, but it did not become popular then. Its second life started in Britain in 1933. The bags made of this material started to be used for packaging in the United States in 1957, and ever since that time they started to gain their worldwide popularity. Today, the global polyethylene packaging volume is trillions of units per year. Branded plastic bags have become one of the most affordable and effective marketing tools.

There are several main types of bags made of this plastic, namely: transparent packaging, T-shirt bags, bags with patch handles, bags with loop handles, trash bags, and branded polythene bags. The thermoplastic polyethylene is an ethylene polymer; it's also used for packaging film and containers, pipes, and as an insulating material.

One of our most popular types of polyethylene bags are branded bags, which are used for marketing by numerous companies worldwide. These items are reusable, professional, and inexpensive. Using them, the company ensures that their product is safe and stands out. Using branded plastic bags, the brand of any company is promoted naturally and unobtrusively - it serves the consumer and reminds them about the brand each time they use the bag. If you wish to order a number of branded plastic bags, you merely need to contact us and request a quote and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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