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Protect your items with bubble wrap

10 Dec 2010

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Now is the season to be sending presents to loved ones for the holidays and if you have taken the time to go out and buy a present for someone then you want them to get it in the condition it is intended to be in. When you have put the thought and effort into buying them a present you should do the same when wrapping it. You need to make sure the gifts are protected and bubble wrap can come in extremely useful when wrapping presents that are fragile and could break with a slight bump or if the package is dropped. Clearly, the worst thing that could happen is that the person opening the present does so and then finds that what you have bought them has been damaged or even completely broken. You should therefore make sure that you take a bit of time when wrapping to prevent this from happening.

Obviously, the amount of cushioning you give when packaging your gifts is going to depend on two main things, how it is getting to the person it is intended for and most importantly the item itself. if you are sending your gift via a courier or through the Post Office then you are going to have to put a lot more padding on your fragile items. This is due to the fact that it will be getting handled a number of times and the people who come into contact with it will not necessarily know to be more careful with your package. Using our bubble wrap to send your gifts this year is a smart choice and will arrive to their destination in the same condition you wrapped them in.

When it comes to the actual item that you are wrapping then a bit of common sense should be applied. By adding a couple of layers of bubble wrap in and around your gift, you can prevent breakages occurring from all but the most major of impacts. Contact us today should you need the use of our bubble wrap or any other poly items.


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