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Stretch Film and Shrink Wrap are Perfect for Pallet Shipping

06 Jun 2011

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The uses and markets for Atlantic Poly Film Materials are pretty widespread. Any industry or business involved in construction uses film for vapor barriers to protect against moisture and mold. These materials are also used to protect surfaces when painting or plastering or sandblasting. Industries that use poly film products include agriculture, processing plants, painting, construction, biomedical, medical and others. Stretch film and shrink wrap are used in manufacturing primarily, but can be used in any industry that ships products on pallets.

Stretch film and shrink wrap are used packaging materials used in industry (particularly in the manufacturing sector) to secure items to a pallet or crate. Industrial stretch film and shrink wrap provide protection of goods and secures them to a pallet or crate for safe transportation or storage.  An object is made secure on a pallet by wrapping it with layers of these materials. The film can be wrapped automatically or semi-automatically using specialized machinery or it can be wrapped manually. The stretch film is pliable, thin and sticks to itself, so there is no hassle in trying to knot, glue or staple it closed. Stretch film and shrink wrap come in a variety of colors to help organize items under a particular color. They can also be specially ordered to have a company logo and contact details on them.

Stretch Film:

One of the advantages of using stretch film is that it is not a very expensive protective material and can be used on all kinds of materials including machinery, chemicals and furniture.

Shrink Wrap vs Stretch Film:

Stretch film is different from shrink film in that shrink film is first wrapped loosely around the items and then tightened by shrinking it with the use of heat. Stretch film stretches to wrap around objects tightly and does not require heat to secure it. Like stretch film, shrink wrap is pliable, thin and sticks to itself, so there is no hassle in trying to knot, glue or staple it closed. 


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