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Stretch Wrap Basic FAQs

11 May 2010

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What size do I need?
First, you need to answer whether are you applying the stretch wrap by hand or with automated equipment.  If you are stretching the film by machine, you will generally use a film over 20" high and 5000 or 6000 feet long. These rolls are heavy -- about 32 lbs. Since that's a little too much to carry around a pallet, most people use 18" x .80 x 1500' rolls to stretch their pallets by hand. If your skids are not very high or if you just need to wrap the top and bottom of the loads, you could use 15" or 12".

Maybe you have seen stretch wrap used to bundle things like millwork, plastic pipe and small boxes. This is called bundling stretch wrap. It's used like tape, but it won't stick to the product or leave residue. This wrap comes in 2-6" sizes.

Can I use stretch wrap for covering my food?  NO!!! Stretch wrap is not made for food contact and this industrial product should be kept away from children. Like any plastic, it can be dangerous.

Is stretch wrap recyclable?  Yes, stretch wrap can be recycled through many local and state recycling centers.


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