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Trash Can Liner Types

02 Mar 2010

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Resin - Resin is the basic raw material used in manufacturing trash can liners. The two basic types of resins utilized in trash can liner manufacturing are High Density and Linear Low Density.

Linear Low Density Trash Can Liners

Linear Low Density can liners are made from high quality resins that are highly resistant to puncturing and tearing. The exceptional strength and stretch properties of Linear Low Density trash can liners make them a great option for kitchen trash that may include glass or sharp, irregularly shaped objects. Various resins that comprise Linear Low Density polyethylene include butane, hexene and metallocene.

For the environmentally conscious, we also carry a line of Biodegradable Low Density Trash Can Liners, which are manufactured with at least 60% recycled post industrial scrap plus a degradable additive.

High Density Trash Can Liners

High Density can liners are made from high molecular density resins. High Density trash can liners are great for the office, restroom, or any type of trash that does not include sharp edges. High Density trash can liners are also less expensive per unit than low density trash can liners.

Some important definitions are as follows:

Gauge - Gauge is a term used in the trash can liner industry to describe the thickness of a liner. Gauge is typically stated either in mils or microns.

Mil - A mil is a measurement based on a thousandth of an inch (.001). Linear Low Density trash can liners will range from .30 to 2.0 mils. Improved resin technologies have allowed manufacturers to produce thinner trash can liners that are much stronger than the trash can liners of the past.

Micron - A micron is a measurement based on one hundred thousandths of an inch (.00001). High Density trash can liners range from 6 to 24 microns.


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