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Many colors available for poly film and bags

Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If you need a colored bag or film whether to  see through (tint) or hide what’s inside (opaque), for either special use or to match your corporate colors, we can supply a range of different  colors  to suit your needs. We have a range of different colors including white, black, red, ivory.  In addition we have 5 shades of blue, 5 shades of green, 3 shades of yellow and violet. If you need something we don't have in stock then ask and we will do our best to get as close to the color you need.

POLYPROPYLENE and CELLOPHANE Bags are not the same

Darren Kincaid - Saturday, April 24, 2010
Polypropylene bags are sometimes referred to as cello or cellophane bags despite their major differences. However, polypropylene and cellophane bags are NOT the same.
Polypropylene Bags
  • Less expensive than cellophane
  • Stiffer and stronger than other wraps
  • Resistant of tearing and oils
  • No natural dead-fold
  • FDA approved
  • High temperature resistance
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
Cellophane Bags
  • More expensive than polypropylene
  • Natural dead-fold
  • FDA approved
  • High gloss transparency
  • High permeability to moisture
  • Increased shelf-life of products
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Popular choice for chocolate and candy makers
  • Superior packaging for fresh produce, doughnuts, and microwavable products
  • Floral/basket wrap
  • Magazine overwrapping
  • Media packaging (CD, DVD)
  • Greeting card bags
  • Flower sleeves
  • Candy sweet bags
  • Display bags(cookies, portraits, t-shirts, artwork, dress, shirts, calendar)
  • Clear wrapping film

Advantages of CAST Stretch Film

Darren Kincaid - Monday, April 19, 2010
Why is some stretch film called CAST and some BLOWN? Is this plastic or gum?

Originally, all stretch wrap was blown, a process much like blowing bubble gum. Resin is heated and passed over an opening through which air is blown. Most state-of-the-art film today is cast. It is extruded through rollers and "laid out" in sheets. This process allows the film to be made in multiple layers. The layers allow the film to be made with cling on only one side. This optional one-sided-cling film is great where you don't want one pallet to stick to the one next to it. Also, these films layers can make the film stronger by adding tough layers to the inside. Cast film is also clearer and quieter coming off the roll.

Do I need Shrink Wrap or Stretch Wrap and what is the difference

Darren Kincaid - Saturday, April 10, 2010
Do I need Shrink Wrap or Stretch Wrap and what's the difference?

Most people who order stretch wrap from us call it shrink wrap ..  but the products are very different. Shrink wrap film is made from polyolefin plastic, while stretch wrap is made from polyethylene plastic. Shrink wrap is generally used to protect a single product, such as the plastic over toys at the toy store or CD's when you first buy them. Shrink wrap gets its tight seal through a heating process. The product is wrapped and heated with a hairdryer-like tool or put through a heat tunnel. Shrink wrap can also be used for bundling products together, such as bottles of soda. We supply both stretch wrap and shrink wrap.

Stretch wrap is generally used to hold boxes on a pallet for transport. Stretch wrap is pulled around the load and stretched. The plastic has a memory and wants to return to its original size. This "elastic band effect" holds the load tight.

Plastic Covers and Liners for many uses

Darren Kincaid - Friday, April 09, 2010
Plastic (Poly) Covers and Liners

Available in standard sizes from 3’ to 40’ wide, 0.002"-0.006" gauge, and 20'-100' lengths. Extra large sizes are available upon request. All panels are accordion folded every 4 to 5 feet and tightly rolled on a heavy-duty core for ease of handing and time-saving installation. Layflat roll configurations are also available. Applications include: Vapor Retarders, Silage Covers, Agricultural Covers, Wood Product Covers, Temporary Walls, Cargo Covers, Insulation Membranes, Fumigation Covers and more.



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We have a dedicated quote fax number: 781-769-5722. We have the largest inventory of stock poly bags in the northeast. Stock orders can be shipped within 24 hours. Atlantic Poly specializes in hard to find sizes and special applications. Ask about our Drop-Ship and Just-in-Time delivery programs. Imprinting up to six colors and 4 color process printing available. Ask about package design assistance for special projects.

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