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Atlantic Poly Plastic Bags have many uses

Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Atlantic Poly’s polyethylene bags are popular and commonly required items. These bags are also known as clear poly bags and are always available with an opening at the top. They are mainly required for packaging purposes, and these bags can be heat-sealed or secured with a bag-tie. These bags are useful for many needs, such as:
  • For the storage and protection of art and furniture
  • Packing of electronic parts
  • For the packing of garment and bedding covers
  • Bags for waste disposal
  • To pack goods that are in transit
  • Retail display
  • Sale of goods at craft and pet shops
  • To package food and medical devices
  • Bags for freezer grade
Polyethylene Bags are mostly made from a polyethylene film which is created by using a Blown Film Extrusion process. In the process small plastic pellets called resin are melted down conditions and pressed through a circular die gap to form a lengthy tube of plastic. Whilst in this state the plastic is stretched to the desired size and thickness to form the different gauges of plastic. The bags are made by cutting rolls of this film and heat sealing them. Rolls of this sheeting is sent through a machine which takes in material of a proper length, the machine then cycles to place a seal on it and then cuts it off to make an individual bag.

Atlantic Poly Envirotech Recycling Division Wants To Help Your Recycling Efforts

Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Atlantic Poly Envirotech Recycling Division Wants To Help Your Recycling Efforts

If you are disposing plastic bags or any of the such, Atlantic Poly wants to help in your contribution to our environment. We have the capabilities to remove the material and recycle it into some of our recycled products. While recycling plastic bags might seem like just a small action, it is actually one of the most important you can take for the environment. Recycled plastics can be used to create new plastics, reducing the need to find new sources of oil. Plastics also create a significant percentage of our solid waste. Garbage dumped into the ocean has created a large area in the Pacific Ocean called the Pacific Garbage Patch, an area covered in floating plastic that is twice the size of the state of Texas. Removing plastic bags from the waste cycle plays an important role in reducing land and water pollution.

Recycling plastic bags helps reduce the use of new plastics. It also helps reduce the use of wood. Most recycled plastic bags become part of a plastic-lumber composite material, reducing the need to cut down forests to create lumber products. In an era of increasing environmental constraint, thinking wisely about reuse rather than using new materials makes sense.

Atlantic Poly Plastic Bags Are Reuseable

Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, July 07, 2010
Atlantic Poly’s Plastic Bags Are Reuseable  - Atlantic Poly can be the source of all your polyethelene needs. We offer a wide variety of products to suit your poly needs. One of the most common are  plastic bags.  They are multi-purpose bags made of polyethylene. Plastic bags can be used for varied purposes such as to wrap food, store extra stuff while traveling, and to hoard wet or dirty clothes. They are also ideal as trash bags during journeys. Strength, durability, versatility, and variety are some of the key advantages of Atlantic Poly’s plastic bags.
Plastic bags aren’t just used for household purposes they can serve industrial purposes as well. Self-adhesive, resalable drawstring or tote bags are the most commonly used plastic bag. Shrink bags, and durable plastic bags for heavy machinery are all used daily in the industrial areas. Many food items that are available these days come in a wide variety of plastic bags, each suiting a different purpose. Some bags that are used in the vegetable and fruit sections come in rolls that can be easily cut off. These have opening at one end and do not have any sealing attachments. Plastic bags that need to be vacuum-free are made of more durable plastic and are closed from all sides except for a small opening through which the air is sucked out to create a vacuum inside before sealing it. Many of the bags Atlantic Poly provides are supplied to grocery chains, and when consumers use those bags they become useful bags for other items they own.

Polyethylene Bubble wrap: Great for protection and stress relief

Darren Kincaid - Friday, July 02, 2010
Some people wonder how sensitive products should be wrapped in the bubble wrap product. Well first of all the bubbles should be INSIDE. By doing it this way all of the surface sections are protected by several bubbles at the same time. Not to mention, since the external plastic layer will distribute the sharp impact on a group of bubbles simultaneously, and also it protects the individual bubbles from unnecessary breaking.

Polyethylene bubble wrap can come in various sizes. It can range from 1/4 inch (6 millimeters) in diameter, to an inch (26 millimeters) or more, to provide added levels of shock absorption during transportation. In addition to the degree of protection available from the size of the air bubbles in the plastic, the bubble wrap itself can offer some forms of protection for the object in question. Atlantic Poly also offers anti-static type of bubble wrap. So when shipping those sensitive electronic parts and components, an anti-static bubble wrap dissipates a static charge, thereby protecting the sensitive electronic chips from static which can damage them.

And who cannot deny the recognizable "popping" sound bubble wrap makes when compressed and punctured? According to many stress relief programs and sites, bubble wrap is one of the leading causes to reduce stress. Acknowledging this alternative use, some websites provide a "virtual bubble wrap" program which displays a sheet of bubble wrap that users may "pop" by clicking on the bubbles. So here at Atlantic Poly, Inc. our bubble wrap protects in so many ways.



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