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Vinyl Pouches have many uses

Darren Kincaid - Monday, November 29, 2010
Our vinyl is a heavy duty type of plastic, clear, frosted or opaque, that can be used to make various types of sleeves, pouches, envelopes and wallets. Special features, such as zip locks, eyelets, magnets, pressure sensitive adhesive, Velcro, snaps and printing, can be incorporated in our vinyl products. While our vinyl can be used to make a lot of different products some of our popular types are wallets. But not just normal wallets, we have a multitude of wallet type vinyl pouches, ranging from book covers to credit card holder pouches.

Check Book Covers - these wallets, usually given out by banks, are used to cover check books and check registers.

Policy Wallets - large wallets, usually given out by insurance companies, to hold the policy and other important papers for the customer.

Registration Holders - used by auto dealers as a marketing tool, registration holders can be printed with dealer information and given to customers with their registration and transaction documents when they purchase a vehicle.

Presentation Folders - large wallets, often used by sales and marketing people, to present a proposal or used by companies to hold paperwork for conferences or trade shows.

Document Wallets - mostly used by the travel industry, these wallets are used to hold airline tickets and other travel information for the traveler.

Business Card Holders - small sleeves or wallets used to store and protect business cards.

Credit Card Holders - small sleeves or wallets used to hold and protect credit, bank or membership cards.

Our company not only offers great polyethylene plastic bags but also vinyl pouches, mil-spec bags, corrugated boxes, etc. Being in the business for over 20 years has given us a wide range of products in which we can produce and utilize for our customers. Contact us today should you need any information regarding polyethylene products.

Atlantic Poly’s Clear Polyethylene Dry Cleaning Bags

Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Atlantic Poly’s Clear Polyethylene Dry Cleaning Bags are made with hanger holes, sloped shoulders and are available in roll form for easy dispensing. This is a handy addition that many people can overlook. We have actually seen dry cleaning bags that don’t have sloped shoulders and this form a point onto the shoulders of people’s clothes. We know how important clothes that are dry cleaned are and make sure we form our poly bags to have this added slope.  In addition to satisfying the customer we can also add the logo or brand name of the company that is using the dry cleaning bags, making this a smart business choice for professional dry cleaners. Our plastic dry cleaning garment bags are perfect for protecting everything in your wardrobe from dust and dirt. Like our military spec bags and biohazard poly bags we use the same polyethylene material that some of our most powerful bags use. This ensures the freshness of your dry cleaning garments and it also makes your clothes wrinkle free.

When people take their garments to be dry cleaned we understand that these are usually expensive or very meaningful types of clothes that cannot just be thrown into the washer and dryer. Because of this our dry cleaning bags can also help keep a bride's wedding gown protected as well. No article of clothing is too much to handle for our professional polyethylene bags. Everything from formal wear, full length coats, evening gowns, cocktail party attire, shirts and suits, they can accommodate almost any need.

Our service, custom capabilities, availability and competitive pricing have made Atlantic Poly’s dry cleaning bags the preferred choice for many dry cleaners across the US. Contact us today to find out how you can become part of the many Americans who are using our poly bags for their business needs or even commercial needs.

Polythene mailing bags

Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Polythene mailing bags are prepared out of blown film process. A small plastic pellets usually called resin are being melted in regulated conditions to make it more flexible and pressed to circular forming an incessant plastic tube. The tube is being pinched on the other end, then inflated and stretched according to the size and thickness of the mailing bag. This process of making the polythene bags is specifically intended for different purposes and benefits.

Some benefits that our poly bags have are accessible in many sizes types, styles, and with diverse types of cushioning. They also look sleek and proficient. The bags are functional for flimsy items and can shield all of your postal items. If you need to have your logo or name on them, they can be custom printed in large quantities for you. Like all of polyethylene products they are reusable, so you won’t be wasting and hurting the environment.

Among these are the advantages why plastic mailing bags are good enough for your postal needs.

  • Save Time and Labor - These self-seal or heat-seal closures produce a more tamper-evident seal and tape. These mailing bags are designed to support easier packing.
  • Save Inventory Space - products store flat and do not need extra void fill or cushioning, minimizing valuable space
  • Greater Security - Permanent self-seal flap closure. Once they are sealed, they stay sealed
  • Save Postage - total shipping weight is reduced
  • Improve Productivity - especially important in periods of peak demand
  • Increase customer satisfaction - provide superior protection with no waste, no mess or lost items.
Polythene mailing bags are particularly made to provide security and performance to weight ratio that you can trust, for packing heavier items, or confidential papers. These bags have different sizes of heavy duty self-seal poly bags to choose from. These bags have lots of color and sizes to choose from. All of our bags accept address labels, stamps and pen. Contact us today to find out how our polyethylene products can make your business easier.

Polyethylene Bags Have Been Around For More Than 50 Years

Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, November 02, 2010
Polyethylene bags have been in demand for the past half-century. The material for these bags - polyethylene, was invented back in 1899 in Germany, but it did not become popular then. Its second life started in Britain in 1933. The bags made of this material started to be used for packaging in the United States in 1957, and ever since that time they started to gain their worldwide popularity. Today, the global polyethylene packaging volume is trillions of units per year. Branded plastic bags have become one of the most affordable and effective marketing tools.

There are several main types of bags made of this plastic, namely: transparent packaging, T-shirt bags, bags with patch handles, bags with loop handles, trash bags, and branded polythene bags. The thermoplastic polyethylene is an ethylene polymer; it's also used for packaging film and containers, pipes, and as an insulating material.

One of our most popular types of polyethylene bags are branded bags, which are used for marketing by numerous companies worldwide. These items are reusable, professional, and inexpensive. Using them, the company ensures that their product is safe and stands out. Using branded plastic bags, the brand of any company is promoted naturally and unobtrusively - it serves the consumer and reminds them about the brand each time they use the bag. If you wish to order a number of branded plastic bags, you merely need to contact us and request a quote and we’ll be more than happy to help.



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