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Bubble Wrap is Perfect for Shipping Fragile Items

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 25, 2011

Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are two popular packaging products used for protecting items when being shipped or stored. Which is best for providing packing protection?

When your business needs to pack or ship, obviously everything needs to be as secure as possible. However, for breakable items, an extra level of protection is required to maintain your business standards, reputation and efficiency. For this, there are a variety of packaging products available and one is bubble wrap.

Bubble bags are a fairly new innovation and very popular with all who are involved with the display, storage and delivery of fine artwork. They are also perfect for electrical components, glass, china and all things breakable.

While packing peanuts are good for filling the voids in boxes, when you are talking about wrapping fragile items, bubble wrap is best because it can be folded around the item for protection. It is unmoving and the item is perfectly protected and insulated.

Polyethylene Bubble Wrap provides outstanding protection from damage caused by shock, vibration or abrasion. Poly Bubble Wrap is easy to use and reduces packaging time and labor costs. Atlantic Poly is a Polyethylene Bubble Wrap supplier and Poly Bubble Wrap material comes in rolls, bags, sheets, dispenser packs or as anti-static.

Bubble bags with adhesive lips can be customized in a variety of sizes and weights. Contact us for sizes and prices on this high quality, transparent protection for fragile items.

Biodegradable Plastics from Atlantic Poly for Earth Day

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 18, 2011

Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic bags are better for the environment because the last up to 5 years indoors. But once they are exposed to UV rays or intense heat, they start to degrade into natural waste. The length of time it takes for oxo-biodegradable products to degrade can be ‘programmed’ at the time of manufacture and can be as little as a few months or as much as a few years.
There are different types of biodegradable plastic, and their costs and uses are very different. The two main types are oxo-biodegradable and hydro-biodegradable. In both cases degradation begins with a chemical process, followed by a biological process. Both types emit CO2 as they degrade, but hydro-biodegradable can also emit methane. Both types are compostable, but only oxo-biodegradable can be economically recycled.
The overall process, from polymer to water, carbon dioxide and biomass is called oxo-biodegradation.

How Does Oxo Biodegradable Plastic Work?

The plastic does not just fragment, but will be consumed by bacteria and fungi after the additive has reduced the molecular structure to a level which permits living micro-organisms access to the carbon and hydrogen. It is therefore “biodegradable.”

The chemical degradation process involves the reaction of very large polymer molecules of plastics, which contain only carbon and hydrogen, with oxygen in the air. This reaction occurs even without prodegradant additives but at a very slow rate. Pro-degrading additives is a catalyst for this reaction and increases the rate of the degradation. Degradation begins when the programmed service life is over (controlled by the additive formulation) and the product is no longer required. The rate of degredation is dependent on the formulation and the disposal environment.

There is little or no additional cost involved in products made with this technology, which can be made with the same machinery and workforce as conventional plastic products.

This chemical process has been well known to polymer scientists for years. The ability to manage these processes in a predictable way – to balance the effect of catalytic additives with the effect of contained antioxidants, allows the production of products that satisfy needs and can also biodegrade at acceptable rates.

Custom Made Poly Shrouds for Larger Items and Pallet Covers

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 11, 2011

For many companies, procuring the right packaging, can be daunting. This is especially true of polythene bags and shrouds. They come in all shapes and sizes, just about any thickness imaginable; some are welded at the bottom, some at the side. Some are printed in various colors; some have no print at all. For larger items many companies use pallet covers and pallet shrouds.

At Atlantic Poly Inc, these specialty custom made Polyethylene and Poly Plastic Shrouds can be made to fit most size objects and there is no minimum order.  These polyethylene and poly shrouds can be manufactured from various types of film - low density, anti-static, mil spec material, etc.

There are different designs of low-density polyethylene (plastic) material to cover your palletized product with. There are differing manufacturing techniques, colors, prints, shrink capabilities, resins, and recycled. But if your company is a large quantity user of pallet covers, gusseted and seal on side or centerfold are very common. Both are made of polyethylene, come in several thicknesses and colors, and can be printed. To get a quote today on custom made poly bags and shrouds, contact Atlantic Poly Inc today. 

Drum Liners Protect Employees and the Environment

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 04, 2011

In any industrial facility, the possibility of exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals or blood and body fluids cannot be ignored. And spills such as these pose health risks not only to employees, but can endanger the environment as well. Using drum liners would afford additional security against leaks and spills. DrumSkins™, Poly Plastic Drum Liners from Atlantic Poly Inc provide an extra level of safety, reliability and protection, especially when used for dense or viscous materials. Drum liners are a necessary precaution in keeping chemical contents separated from other materials and waste products.
Keeping up the level of safety and security in the workplace requires maintaining high standards of regulations and practices. And since chemicals such as oils, fuels and other materials which can all contribute to pollution, industrial facilities need to exercise extra precautions. Polyethylene Plastic Drum Liners are a step that would afford additional security against leaks and spills. There are many chemicals in the products and resulting wastes which are made and/or used in manufacturing. Many can prove quite dangerous to people's health and the immediate surroundings.
As a Polyethylene and Poly Drum Liner supplier, Atlantic Poly Inc provides a sensible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for storing, mixing and processing liquids, pastes and powders. Contact us for a quote.