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Custom Printed Poly Bags for All Businesses

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 27, 2011

Because there is an increasing need these days to remind consumers of your business, business owners need to use all avenues to remain top-of-mind. Custom printed poly bags are a great and effective solution.

Custom printed poly bags, bags with your company logo on them, provide the perfect product packaging solution for any product, any size, and in any quantity you demand. Bags are needed for numerous and various purposes and the available standard sizes of bags sometimes falls short in meeting the requirements. Atlantic Poly is the answer.

Custom printed poly bags can carry your product and showcase your brand. Poly Bags serve a broad cross-section of industries such as manufacturing, computer technology, retail, event planning, electronics, finance, and more.

Custom printed bags with quality designs make it possible for any business to effectively and creatively meet their packaging, promotional and storage needs.

Remove Materials from Your Company's Waste Stream

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 20, 2011

Atlantic Poly would like to help in your recycling efforts and conserve our environment. We can:

•   Help your company's bottom line
•   Help the environment
•   Reduce your waste disposal costs
•   Possible tax benefits for recycling material

If you are disposing of Stretch Film, Pallet Wrap, Poly Bags, Poly Films, or LDPE and HDPE, we can help you save your business money and help you save the environment. We are capable of removing these materials from your company's waste stream. Atlantic Poly then turns that would-be waste into usable American made products such as Recycled Poly Bags and roll-off liners.

Our Recycled Polyethylene Bags meet the packaging requirements of state and federal recycling laws. They are manufactured from Post Consumer and Post Industrial Scrap, at least 30% recycled content. We work very hard to maximize the use of recycled source material throughout our entire supply process.

Packing Materials for Every Industry

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Essentially every market and industry ships products and materials. All industries, shipping any product throughout the world, uses shipping materials. Sometimes there are stringent requirements, other times the item to be shipped is fragile. No matter the scenario, our product range of shipping materials cover all shipping applications.

Packing List Envelopes
Polyethylene Packing List Envelopes protect invoices, shipping lists and other important documents. Clear pouches on the Poly Packing List Envelopes allow contents to be easily read. Full-face pouches keep contents confidential. Pressure-sensitive envelopes and labels attach easily and securely to the mailing containers. Special printing and optional colors are available and we offer all sizes.

Masking Tape is an all purpose tape which performs incredibly in temperatures up to 200ºF.
Non-Asphaltic Sealing Tape is water activated tape is made from heavy duty craft tape. Reinforced with glass fibers lends additional structural strength and stability.

Plastic Sealing Tape is ideal for sealing cartons without moistening and is available in clear or tan.

Glass Filament Tape provides the strength of steel strapping without the dangers. It is ideal for bundling odd shapes or to secure doors or moveable parts during shipping.

Bubble Pack
Polyethylene Bubble Wrap provides outstanding protection from damage caused by shock, vibration or abrasion. Poly Bubble Wrap is easy to use and reduces packaging time and labor costs. Poly Bubble Wrap material comes in rolls, bags, sheets, dispenser packs or as anti-static.

Bubble bags with adhesive lips can be customized in a variety of sizes and weights. Call us for sizes and prices on this high quality, transparent protection for fragile items.

Corrugated Boxes
Atlantic Poly carries a wide selection of corrugated boxes to ensure safe, secure delivery for all your products. These (RSC) Regular Slotted Cartons are made from 200lb test corrugated and are great for mailing, shipping or storage of your product. They are approved for use with United States Postal Service, UPS, Fed Ex, Truck or Ground shipping.

Stretch Film and Shrink Wrap are Perfect for Pallet Shipping

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 06, 2011

The uses and markets for Atlantic Poly Film Materials are pretty widespread. Any industry or business involved in construction uses film for vapor barriers to protect against moisture and mold. These materials are also used to protect surfaces when painting or plastering or sandblasting. Industries that use poly film products include agriculture, processing plants, painting, construction, biomedical, medical and others. Stretch film and shrink wrap are used in manufacturing primarily, but can be used in any industry that ships products on pallets.

Stretch film and shrink wrap are used packaging materials used in industry (particularly in the manufacturing sector) to secure items to a pallet or crate. Industrial stretch film and shrink wrap provide protection of goods and secures them to a pallet or crate for safe transportation or storage.  An object is made secure on a pallet by wrapping it with layers of these materials. The film can be wrapped automatically or semi-automatically using specialized machinery or it can be wrapped manually. The stretch film is pliable, thin and sticks to itself, so there is no hassle in trying to knot, glue or staple it closed. Stretch film and shrink wrap come in a variety of colors to help organize items under a particular color. They can also be specially ordered to have a company logo and contact details on them.

Stretch Film:

One of the advantages of using stretch film is that it is not a very expensive protective material and can be used on all kinds of materials including machinery, chemicals and furniture.

Shrink Wrap vs Stretch Film:

Stretch film is different from shrink film in that shrink film is first wrapped loosely around the items and then tightened by shrinking it with the use of heat. Stretch film stretches to wrap around objects tightly and does not require heat to secure it. Like stretch film, shrink wrap is pliable, thin and sticks to itself, so there is no hassle in trying to knot, glue or staple it closed. 



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