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Drum Liners Add an Extra Level of Protection

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 29, 2011

Using drum liners adds security against leaks and spills. Poly Plastic Drum Liners from Atlantic Poly Inc add an extra level of safety and protection, especially when used for dangerous or hazardous materials. To keep chemical contents separated from other waste products, drum liners are necessary. 

In any industrial facility, there is a strong possibility of exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals, fluids or materials. This poses health risks to employees and can endanger the environment as well.

There are many chemicals in products and waste which are made or used in manufacturing. There are numerous regulations regarding hazardous fluids and materials in the workplace and industrial, manufacturing, scientific, demolition, contractors and hospital facilities must keep to that level of safety and security. Oils, fuels, asbestos and other materials can all contribute to pollution and health problems, so companies need to take extra precautions.

Polyethylene Plastic Drum Liners are a step toward additional security against leaks and spills.

As a Polyethylene and Poly Drum Liner supplier, Atlantic Poly Inc provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for storing, mixing and transporting hazardous materials and waste. Contact us for a quote.

Branding Your Business with Poly Bags

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 22, 2011

Branded custom plastic bags can promote your business. Does your business require customers to use a bag to transport their purchases in?  Using a branded bag to promote your business is effective. Having your company's logo, name and tag line on each poly bag increases the brand recognition of your business.

The perfect businesses for branded bags

Printed Poly Bags, or branded plastic bags, are useful for many different industries.

Dry cleaners, grocery stores and deli’s are perfect examples of businesses that can use branded plastic bags. Atlantic Poly’s Clear Dry Cleaning bags are made with hanger holes and sloped shoulders. In roll form for easy dispensing, dry cleaning bags are perfect for protection from dust and dirt, and keeping clothes wrinkle free!

For grocery store chains and retail stores, Atlantic Poly supplies both reusable and recyclable plastic grocery and shopping bags.  For the best effect, the print needs to be bold and legible, and the message should be easy to read from a distance.

Atlantic Poly has complete layout and graphic services available for your convenience. We can print as few as 5,000 bags.  For getting your name out there on poly bags, Call Atlantic Poly.

Manufacturers and Renovators Can Use Dumpster Liners

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 15, 2011

Roll Off Dumpster Liners are massive garbage bags for the dumpster. However, the thicknesses, colors, sizes, chemical make-ups, uses, manufacturing techniques, and packaging decide how effective they will be.

The dumpster liner that will best suit you depends on your companies specific needs. There are different dumpster liner requirements for different jobs.

Roll off Dumpster Liners are used daily by concrete, asbestos abatement, and environmental services companies to contain materials which may be hazardous to our health or the environment. In many cases, environmental laws require dumpster liners.

The dumpster liners are easy to use and quick to install.  Daily, manufacturing companies and builders produce liquid refuse or semi-solid refuse. These companies are a perfect fit for dumpster liners.

Mainly black opaque in color and thicknesses, dumpster liners range from 3 MIL thick to 12 MIL thick. The most popular container sizes are 20, 30 and 40 yard. Liners are also made for larger applications such as railway trailers and truck trailers. Contact Atlantic Poly for a quote on traditional or larger sizes.
Our dumpster liners or BinSkins are easily installed by one person and are designed to have an overhang on each side, so that the liner may be secured by tying it off to hooks, and taping or tying in knots to avoid having it blow off.

Myth: Paper Bags are Better Than Plastic Bags

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 08, 2011
If you own or manage a grocery store, you may be frustrated with the perception of "paper, not plastic". Maybe it is time that you began educating your consumers about the differences between paper and plastic grocery bags.

Studies sponsored by independent retailers or governments generally agree that plastic bags consume less water and energy, and produce less pollution, including greenhouse-gas emissions than paper. There is a popular misconception that paper bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags.

Issue 1: Energy and natural resources
According to a 2007 study, it takes almost four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as it does to manufacture a polyethylene bag.

Not only do both paper and compostable resin bags use far more fossil fuel in production and manufacturing, but they also use twenty times more fresh water than plastic bags.

Additionally, most paper comes from tree pulp, so the impact of paper bag production on forests is enormous. An article from the National Cooperative Grocers Association states that each year the United States consumes 10 billion paper grocery bags, requiring 14 million trees.

Issue 2: Pollution
Paper bag production delivers a global warming double-whammy; forests which are the largest absorbers of greenhouse gases have to be cut down, and then the subsequent manufacturing of bags produces greenhouse gases.

The majority of kraft paper is made by heating wood chips under pressure at high temperatures in a chemical solution. As evidenced by the unmistakable stench commonly associated with paper mills, the use of these toxic chemicals contributes to both air pollution, such as acid rain, and water pollution.

Issue 3: Recycling
Studies indicate it takes 91% less energy to recycle a pound of plastic than it takes to recycle a pound of paper. But recycling rates of either type of disposable bag are extremely low.

Issue 4: Degradability
Many people choose paper over plastic because they believe it will biodegrade faster than plastic will break down in a landfill. However, there are a number of factors that determine how quickly, if at all, paper degrades – this includes temperature, pH, the type of bacteria present and the form of paper (shredded paper degrades faster.)

Additionally, with Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic, a new technology that produces plastic which degrades by a process of OXO-degradation, plastic bags can be economically made to be biodegradable.

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Floor and Carpet Surface Protection

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 01, 2011

As a construction company it is important that the sites in which you work remain clean and organized for the owners. Whether you work on commercial construction projects or residential, leaving the site usable for the owners at the end of the day is imperative. With plastic, disposable surface protection products from Atlantic Poly, you can protect the carpets and floors where you are working.

Carpet Shield - Clear, self-adhering protective film for all types of carpeting. Highly resistant to tears or punctures. Regular or reverse wound for ease of application. The recommended application time is 45 days.

Hardwood Floor Shield - Self-adhering protective film for hard surfaces, such as, tile, vinyl, VCT, laminates, marble, granite and factory finished hardwood. Multi-purpose product can be used to prevent damage to tubs and counter tops. Ideal for use during construction, remodeling, painting, etc. May be applied for up to 45 days.

Dust Pro Shield - New, state-of-the-art system that makes constructing temporary walls to control dust and heat loss, quick, simple and affordable! It locks the screening material firmly against the floor and ceiling. Dent resistant poles, made of heavy gauge aluminum, can extend up to 12 feet. Pole is compacted to 57 inches for easy storage. Two poles per kit.



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