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In the Paper or Plastic Argument Plastic Wins

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

There has been a lot of publicity regarding plastic bags lately while cities and town consider banning their use. But before you decide or jump on the band wagon, do your research.
Paper or plastic, which is the right choice?

While environmentalists, bag manufacturers and consumers try to make the right decisions about paper or plastic for our environment, it is important to weigh all the facts.

True, plastic bags end up in landfills, or on roadsides, or in lakes and streams, where they are not only an eyesore, they have a drastic effect on our ecosystem.

But after doing the research, manufacturers and garbage experts can agree that overall, plastic is the better choice.

While paper bags are easier to recycle, they weigh 10 times as much. Why does this matter? They use more energy and cause more waste in the process of manufacturing and transporting.

During the manufacturing process, paper bags use almost three times as much energy as plastic bags.  Unfortunately, we don’t hear too much about that when environmentalists are trying to convince us to reduce our use of plastic.

What is better, paper or plastic?
Talking to a neutral party, Bill Rathje, a garbologist at the Archaeology Center of Stanford University. He says that the answer is very simple and very straightforward.

Rathje says that in a dry landfill, paper bags don't degrade any faster than plastic bags. Over 40 years, in a normal, well-run landfill, paper bags do not biodegrade any faster than plastic.

Also, paper is bulkier and thicker than plastic, therefore paper takes up more landfill space as well.

Landfills are closing down because they're full. From that perspective, plastic bags are much better than paper.

The manufacturing costs for paper bags are much more expensive than plastic too.  Compared to plastic, paper is energy-intensive.

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On-Time and Less Expensive Shipping Materials

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you order packing supplies and shipping materials for your business? If so, are you ready for a better bottom line, an easy ordering experience and top rate customer service? Order packing materials from Atlantic Poly and not only will you have a great ordering experience, your order will also come in correctly, on time, and for less.

If you are a purchaser, you are used to companies that price gouge. Not Atlantic Poly. This is what we do. Every industry ships goods. All industries use shipping materials. Sometimes there are stringent requirements when shipping into harsh environments. Nevertheless our product range offering covers all shipping applications.

"Atlantic Poly saved me over 12% on my packaging costs since they took over my business last year….Thanks for making me look so Good!!"

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Surface Protection and Temporary Walls Keeps Renovation Dust Out

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Painters and contractors need to keep their clients happy by controlling dust and mess from remodeling projects. Home and business owners need life to continue during renovations, and dust control products and floor protection film are the solution.

Atlantic Poly can help you preserve carpet and hard wood floors with floor protection film. If part of your home or business is being remodeled, temporary walls are also available to control dust and debris from entering the spaces that cannot be separated with doors or existing walls. Plastic temporary walls work great to protect other rooms and workspaces.

Whether you work on commercial or residential construction projects, a construction company needs the work site to remain clean and organized for the owners. At the end of the day, when the owner’s homes and businesses are useable, that is what they will tell their neighbors.

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Corrugated Boxes in Any Size

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 08, 2012

When you think of Atlantic Poly, you probably do not think of corrugated boxes, but we carry boxes and shipping containers.

If your company ships products, think of Atlantic Poly. We carry a wide selection of corrugated boxes to ensure the safe, secure delivery for all your products. Our corrugated boxes  are made from 200lb. test corrugated and are great for mailing, shipping or storage of your product.

Nothing makes shipping easier than corrugated boxes and shipping containers that are approved for use with the United States Postal Service, UPS, Fed Ex, and Truck or Ground shipping.

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