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Recycle More Commercial Packaging with Help from Atlantic Poly

Joseph Coupal - Monday, November 26, 2012

Did know that Rhode Island officials are looking for ways to increase the recycling of packaging materials like plastic bags?

A special legislative commission has been tasked with recommending ways to encourage manufacturers to reduce, reuse or recycle packaging material with the aim of minimizing how much of it ends up in the state’s landfills.

Finding ways to conserve plastic, paper and glass packaging material will benefit the environment. It is not good business practice to send to the landfill items that can be reused.

Atlantic Poly, a New England based polyethylene supplier and national wholesale distributor of plastic products, can help. We can help in your businesses recycling efforts and help conserve our environment by helping  your company's bottom line, reducing your waste disposal costs, and providing possible tax benefits for recycling material.

If you are disposing of stretch film, pallet wrap, poly bags, films, and LDPE and HDPE, we can help you remove these material from your company's waste stream and turn that would-be waste into usable American made products such as recycled poly bags and roll-off liners.

For more information, contact Atlantic Poly.

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Shipping Products Made Fast and Easy With Atlantic Poly's Custom Polyethylene Packaging

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If you need it protected, wrapped, bagged, or shipped, Atlantic Poly has an affordable solution at the ready. 

We offer over two dozen different types of poly-based bags that range from wrapping your lunch sandwich to shrink wrapping your most prized possessions during a household or business move  

Retailers quickly roll through their the bubble pack stock throughout the Holiday shipping season.  Atlantic Poly sets the standard for quality and rapid response to your business shipping needs. We offer the best value and quality customized polyethylene products to include bags, bubble materials, poly film, static control, and a host of other. 

Get quality poly products at a value price,  and get them fast. Call 866-342-6554, email, or  request a quote now.

Poly Bags for Use During Shipping or Storage

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 16, 2012

Plastic poly bags have many uses and almost every industry can use them. Most of our purchases, whether in a store or online, come in a poly bag.  Poly bags protect items during storage, shipment or both.

If your business needs to ship and itme or protect it during storage, poly bags are perfect.

Light density poly bags are good for light products and that merely need a basic shield from the outside surroundings.

Heavy density poly bags keep heavy items safe where dirt, dust, moisture, and motion can damage your goods.

When you need to protect an item  Atlantic Poly can supply a poly bag that is right for the job. Contact us.

Packaging Materials for Shipping Holiday Items

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 09, 2012

With the holidays approaching and more and more busy folks doing their shopping online, retailers are shipping more and more items in the mail. If you are a retailer who is expecting your shipping orders to increase through the new year, you need quality packaging materials for a good value.

When your business needs to pack or ship, items needs to be as safe and secure as possible. Plastic bags keep items clean and for breakable items, nothing accomplishes this like bubble wrap. If your shipped items need an extra level of protection, there are a variety of packaging products available.

At Atlantic Poly our product range offering covers all shipping applications. Our packing materials offering includes: Packing List Envelopes, Pressure Sensitive Labels, Tapes, Bubble Pack as well as corrugated boxes and plastic bags. For more information, contact us .

Consumers Prefer Clear Packaging

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, November 01, 2012

Researchers at Clemson University conducted studies into consumer behavior that show that products in clear plastic packaging are more than 400 % more attractive to consumers than identical products in printed paperboard boxes.

The results showed that plastic packaged items were easier to find, were viewed more often, and for longer, than printed paperboard boxes. And participants were four times more likely to purchase the plastic-packaged items than the equivalent paperboard-packaged items.

The research was conducted done on a sample of participants who identified themselves as the primary shopper for their household, and with a “fairly diverse” income distribution.

For information on plastic bags and plastic packaging, contact Atlantic Poly.

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