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Plastic Grocery Bags or Paper Grocery Bags?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Are grocery bags made other materials such as paper or compostable plastics really better for the environment than traditional plastic grocery bags? There is no conclusive evidence supporting the argument that banning single use plastic bags in favor of paper bags will reduce litter, decrease the country’s dependence on oil, or lower the quantities of solid waste going to landfills. In addition, there is limited information on the environmental attributes of compostable plastics and how they fare against traditional plastic grocery bags or paper bags.

So, in order to glean information on the environmental impacts of grocery bags, the Progressive Bag Alliance contracted with Boustead Consulting & Associates (BCAL) to conduct a life cycle assessment on three types of grocery bags:

  • a traditional grocery bag made from polyethylene,
  • a grocery bag made from compostable plastics (a blend of 65% EcoFlex, 10% polylactic acid or PLA, and 25% calcium carbonate),
  • and a paper grocery bag made using at least 30% recycled fibers.

The life cycle assessment factored in every step of the manufacturing, distribution, and disposal stages of these grocery bags.

The results show that single use plastic bags made from polyethylene have many advantages over both compostable plastic bags and paper bags made with a minimum of 30% recycled fiber.

When compared to 30% recycled fiber paper bags, polyethylene grocery bags use less energy in terms of fuels for manufacturing, less oil, and less potable water. In addition, polyethylene plastic grocery bags emit fewer global warming gases, less acid rain emissions, and less solid wastes. The same exists when comparing the typical polyethylene grocery bag to grocery bags made with compostable plastic resins— traditional plastic grocery bags use less energy in terms of fuels for manufacturing, less oil, and less potable water, and emit fewer global warming gases, less acid rain emissions, and less solid wastes.

The findings of this study were peer reviewed by an independent third party to ensure that the results are reliable and repeatable. The results support the conclusion that any decision to ban traditional polyethylene plastic grocery bags in favor of bags made from alternative materials will result in a significant increase in environmental impacts across a number of categories from global warming effects to the use of precious potable water resources. As a result, consumers should re-evaluate decisions to use or ban traditional plastic grocery bags, as the unintended consequences can be significant and long-lasting.

For more information on plastic grocery bags, contact Atlantic Poly, a plastic bag and products company in MA.

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Stretch Film Protects Materials and Products

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At Atlantic Poly we offer a wide range of packaging. Shrink wrap is a safe, secure and easy way to ship and store. Our film supplies include:

Stretch Film is not a very expensive protective plastic wrap which can be used on all kinds of materials including machinery, chemicals, palatalized items, and furniture.  Stretch film stretches to wrap around objects tightly, it does not require heat to secure it.

Hand Held Film has super tight wrap which reduces separation during shipping and increases security against pilferage. This film is wrapped by hand and does not require extra machinery.

Machine wrap is used for the same types of applications. However, machine wrap may be used for companies that use more film or shrink wrap.

Pallet Stretch Wrap protects materials and products from dirt, moisture and theft.

We also carry options of discount shrink film for a more economical option.

We can help you choose the best film for your application. If you want to improve your packaging costs, or if you are a company that needs to cut down on product breakage or pilfering, our packaging films are the perfect option to bring down costs.
Regardless of if you need hand stretch wrap or pallet wrap for a larger operation, our stretch films are what companies use and trust which are puncture resistant and can retain very heavy loads with outstanding tear resistance with superior stretch and cling.

For great quality and great value on film packaging, contact Atlantic Poly.

Increase Referrals with Floor Surface Protection and Dust Barriers

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 09, 2013

With the completion out there today, it is important that you build your reputation through everything you do..and don’t do. As a construction company, when you DON’T leave a mess, your customers love youSurface protection and dust barriers can help build your reputation and therefore your referral business. Dust is part of the deal during home remodeling, home additions, or when refinishing hardwood floors.
Remodeling projects, whether commercial or residential, bring with them stress. As a contractor, you can lower that stress by keeping the remodeling environment clean with floor and carpet protection and dust barriers. When you leave at the end of the day, and your workspace is as clean as when you arrive, you clients are happy. They tell their friends.

It is important that the sites in which you work remain clean and organized for the owners. Leaving the site useable for the owners makes a great impression and dust barriers and floor surface protection is the way to do it.

Want to increase your business? With plastic, disposable surface protection products from Atlantic Poly, you can keep your clients happy by protecting their carpets and floors.  For more information, contact us.



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