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Better Bottom Line by Reducing Your Company’s Waste Stream

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 27, 2013

In today’s economy companies have to be even more conscientious about improving their bottom line. This means making better buying decisions, better labor decisions and perhaps cutting some corners.  However, did you know that you can also cut back when it comes to trash disposal and waste collection?

Most companies pay per pickup and what they pay depends on how much waste is picked up. It is very important for companies to cut down on their waste. Atlantic Poly, a plastic bag and products company in MA, can help your business cut back and cut items out of your waste stream.

Atlantic Poly can help your business with its recycling efforts:

  • Help your company's bottom line
  • Help the environment
  • Reduce your waste disposal costs
  • Possible tax benefits for recycling material

Not only does this help your bottom line, it also helps your business become more socially responsible. And your company can take advantage of this in its marketing efforts. Potential customers like to purchase from companies that have a sense of social responsibility, that are cutting down on their carbon footprint, and that recycle.

If you are disposing of plastic materials in your business including: stretch film, pallet wrap, poly bags, poly films, or LDPE and HDPE, we can help you save your business money.  Atlantic Poly will take this would-be waste and turn it into usable American made plastics products such as plastic bags and roll-off dumpster liners.

For more information, contact Atlantic Poly.

Plastic ID Badges for Security

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 20, 2013

There are many industries and sectors that can make use of plastic name badge holders: students and school visitors, teachers and professors, sales representatives and company and municipal employees. Name badges can be used for security and medical clearance and in the biotech industry or companies with government contracts ID badges are a must. Plastic ID holders are also ideal for temporary workers, contractors or class trips.

Vinyl name badges keep work, government, medical and school environments safe and secure. They are reusable which cuts down on waste as well. The ID pouch is made out of vinyl with pins, clips, lanyards so they can stay attached to employees. For added convenience they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and orientations.

There is an added benefit to plastic ID badges, use them to promote your brand while you are identifying attendees, employees or staff. Secure ID cards and ID badges can ensure enhanced security and integrity of a work place or school.

For more information on vinyl ID badge holders, contact Atlantic Poly.

Packing Materials forShipping Products in All Industries

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 13, 2013

Online sales are increasing. As time becomes more of a rare commodity, more and more consumers are ordering products online.  For businesses who ship goods, the cost of packaging materials becomes a concern when trying to manage the bottom line.

But it is not just the quality of the shipping materials that is of concern. Being sure that your product is well protected during shipping is imperative. Returns and re-shipments can also add up if products arrive damaged.

Numerous markets and industries ship ships products and materials and those that do require bulk shipping materials like bubble wrap, packing slips, corrugated boxes and stretch film. For items that require strict shipping requirements, for fagile items and for high cost electronics, the product range of the packing materials from Atlantic Poly cover all your businesses shipping needs.

Our Shipping Materials includes:

Packing List Envelopes
Packing List Envelopes protect invoices, shipping lists and other documents. Clear pouches on packing list envelopes allow them to be read easily. Other packing pouches with a full face keep contents confidential. Pressure-sensitive envelopes and labels attach easily and securely to the mailing containers.

Masking Tape performs incredibly in temperatures up to 200ºF.  We also offer Non-Asphaltic Sealing Tape is water activated tape which is reinforced with glass fibers that adds structural strength and stability.  Plastic Sealing Tape is perfect for sealing cartons and is available in clear or tan. Glass Filament Tape provides the strength of steel strapping.

Bubble Pack
Bubble Wrap provides protection for fragile items or electronics. It protects against shock, vibration or abrasion. Bubble Wrap is easy to use and reduces packaging time and labor. It comes in rolls, bags, sheets, dispenser packs or as anti-static. Bubble bags can be customized for all sizes and weights.

Packing List Envelopes 
Packing List Envelopes protect invoices, shipping lists and other documents.

Pressure Sensitive Labels
We stock more than 365 different types of pressure sensitive labels. We offer 500 labels per roll.

To contact Atlantic Poly for quotes or information on packing supplies, click “packing materials”.

Roll Off Dumpster Liners Protect People and the Environment

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 06, 2013

Basically, dumpster liners are massive garbage bags. Of course they are a bit more complicated than that, they differ in size, color, thickness and uses. Different companies have different needs that demand different dumpster liner requirements.

Dumpster liners are the easiest most versatile solution for every industry in order to provide an extra level of protection for hazardous waste or to just better contain waste.  Concrete companies, asbestos abatement companies, environmental service companies and many more rely on roll-off dumpster liners to contain materials which may be harmful to people or the environment.

Roll-off dumpster liners have many purposes. Mainly they offer protections against damaging spills, seepage and overflow. The dumpster liners shorten clean up time by keeping waste more easily contained.

Because dumpster liners act as a barrier between a dumpster and its contents, they must need to be made in various gauges to maintain integrity and protect from contamination. Dumpster liners also reduce potential leakage, lower wash-out costs and increase dumpster longevity.  They are naturally resistant to water, oil, grease, and most chemicals, and they are designed to resist punctures, tears and abrasions.  For a quote, contact Atlantic Poly.



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