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Floor and Surface Protection Film for Home Remodels

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 20, 2014

The home remodeling market is rebounding. As business picks up and demand increases, competition becomes more intense.  As a result, your home remodeling and construction company needs to set itself apart. Referral business can be a big part of your bottom line. Keeping customers happy and homes clean can increase that referral business. You can accomplish this, in part, with surface and floor protection film.

Carpet and floor protection film keep homes clean and floors safe from damage. Dust shields protect the other rooms in the home from the dust that is created in the work area. Surface protection film and dust shields are for use during construction, remodeling and painting.

For information on construction film, surface protection film, and dust shields, contact Atlantic Poly. Some of the surface protection products we offer are below:

Carpet protection film – for use with all types of carpeting, this is a clear, self-adhering protective film that is highly resistant to tears or punctures.

Hardwood Floor protection film - Self-adhering film that protects all hard floors such as tile, vinyl, laminates, marble, granite and hardwood. It can also be used to prevent damage to tubs and counter tops.

Dust control barrier / Dust Pro Shield - Temporary walls that control dust and heat loss. This is a state –of-the-art system that is quick, simple and affordable. The plastic screening material is locked firmly against the floor and ceiling, up to 12 ft high.

ID Badges Add Security to All Businesses and Trade Shows

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 14, 2014

Unfortunately that state of the world is such that additional security in many businesses and venues is necessary. Not only does staff need identification, but visitors do as well. ID badges are a great solution for meeting and maintaining security measures.

In manufacturing, bio-tech and engineering, as well as companies that have military and government contracts, security is a must. Not only are there restricted sections within the workplace, but the workplace needs to be kept secure from visitors.  In these industries ID badges are a must. When your companies security relies on the vinyl ID badge, it must be a reliable and well-made badge.

ID badges are vinyl pouches that hold name badges along with security clearances. They can be made with pins or clips to attach to apparel, or used with a lanyard to hang around your employees necks.

Secure ID cards and ID badges can ensure enhanced security and integrity of a work place or school, identify employees and bring sense of community among the organization members.

For the highest quality vinyl name badges and ID badge holders, contact Atlantic Poly.

Why We Should NOT Ban Plastic Bags

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 06, 2014

With the plastic bags debate taking place in many states, you may be wondering if we should ban plastic pages. Will banning them actually solve the problem?

How are Plastic Bags Used?

The plastic bags that people are talking about in this debate are the plastic grocery bags or t-shirt bags that are given away by supermarkets, markets and shops. These are the lightweight plastic bags, designed for a single use, and are often given away free. Heavy weight plastic bags don't cause as many problems because they are less likely to blow away because of their weight, and they can be used over and over again.

We should Not ban plastic bags because…

Many people wonder why we should NOT ban plastic bags. The main reason for plastic bags is to carry purchases home, so replacing these bags with other options should be easy. However, while there is a move towards reusable bags, this is happening very slowly and they are far less convenient for the consumer. Paper requires more energy in production and transportation than plastic.

The problem with Banning plastic bags

What are the problems with banning plastic bags?

Many believe that plastic bags are very low priority when all the environmental issues of concern are taken into account. Even some green supporters are against the banning of bags. A better solution could be in educating the consumer and changing habits. Other people refer to the fact that the banning of plastic bags simply moves the problem elsewhere. Cities that have banned plastic bags often report an increase in the sale of plastic bin bags. Instead of plastic, paper bags are often used. There are a host of other issues with paper bags, one of which is use of virgin paper pulp.

While it is undeniable that disposable plastic bags are a relatively small problem in the overall scheme of things, better disposal is something we can all do. For more information on biodegradable plastic bags or reducing the waste stream in your business, contact Atlantic Poly.



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