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Plastic Stretch Film Has More Benefits Than Just Cost Reduction

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 26, 2014

Stretch wrap film is an affordable hand-held poly film known for its clarity and high-cling properties. It commonly comes in distinct gauges and widths to fit any pallet and load profile.

Polyethylene stretch film provides versatility to wrap around items of different sizes and shapes, even those with sharp edges. Plus, it usually is combined with other protective materials to add another inexpensive layer of protection for many objects. It is also used to protect products on pallets during storage and shipment, particularly when unitizing a number of small items to store together to make one larger unit. This makes it easier to ensure the security of the unit load thereby reducing incidents of theft. Unit loads are also more convenient in order to track and detect lost goods. Unit loads are also easier to move around warehouses using forklifts, thus minimizing warehouse damage.

The best plastic stretch film reduces product loss and worker injury, as well as load tampering incidents. Apart from keeping products clean and covered, the stretch film helps improve the stability of packages forming a large load. This makes products and packages easier to handle and carry, resulting in higher labor productivity, improved inventory control, and more resistance to risk of tampering or pilferage. Its high film clarity feature also allow scan through optics to read labels printed underneath the film

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Use Quick Zip Bags for Organizing, Protecting, and Repacking Goods - Norwood, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The secure-locking top of Quick Zip bags are low cost zippered bags that allow the user to open, close, or reseal them over and over again, making them perfect to use on items that require organization, protection, or repackaging. The packed contents are visible since the Quick Zip bags are transparent or translucent.

Quick Zip bags can be used to organize and ship smaller products. They are also a practical solution if you have many items that need organization. Zipper bags can also be used to protect gadgets and electronics, and they are also water-resistant.

Colored plastic zip bags can help increase the lifetime of perishable foods. They do not allow harmful bacteria inside which can cause food to spoil. Because they are resealable, zippered bags are an excellent way to protect items and food from dirt, dust, and contaminants,.

With the Quick Zip bags, it is now easier to print company logos or brand names. These zipper bags are preferable in handling refrigerated goods or electronic components that need to be stored and sealed.

Plastic zippered bags are resealable. Use them to store anything polyethylene bags for organization, to protection, or repackaging.

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Recycle and Reuse Plastic Bags in Norwood MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 08, 2014

Polyethylene plastic bags are handy enough to carry a substantial amount of items. They are also the perfect medium for advertising a brand in the most affordable and convenient manner. They can be custom-printed and still be very economical for most business to afford. Today, plastic bags are being misconstrued and regulated, when they should not be.

Paper bags vs plastic bags
Plastic bags are much more convenient than paper bags. Unlike paper bags that easily wear out when placed with heavy objects, polyethylene plastic bags of Atlantic Poly are stronger and do not give in as quickly.

Now biodegradable
Most people keep from using plastic bags because they were told that these are non-biodegradable. Recently, a new additive has been introduced that is proven to make Polyethylene molecules become biodegradable.

Use and reuse
Because of the load they can bear, polyethylene plastic bags are being reused more often but littering has given plastic bags a bad name. In the past littered plastic bags were slow to degrade or did not degrade at all. If only such practice was corrected back then, we would not be trying to get rid of this useful product now. Now that plastic bags are biodegradable, there is no sense in getting rid of them anymore. Instead, everyone must use and reuse them.

Cycle of recycling
Plastic bags can be recycled to produce plastic bags forever. Paper bags “down cycle” therefore have a limited recyclable life span because the fiber deteriorates too much after repeated re-pulping. Also, plastic bags can be squeezed and made into new plastic bags in minutes, whereas paper costs more time and money to recycle.

This leaves us to the part where we stop giving polyethylene plastic bags a bad name just because they are not made of paper. Correspondingly, efforts on recycling and reusing it must be continued and improved.

On Other Things that Bubble Wraps Can Do – New England

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Bubble wraps were originally designed to serve as textured wallpapers. Now, they have been used as packaging materials for shipping to keep fragile items safe. But bubble wraps can do more than just packaging and material handling.

Excellent window insulation
Wide bubble wraps can add insulation to windows, keeping you warm during the winter season. All you have to do is cut them equal to the size of your windows and gaffer-tape them to the inside of the windows.

Protect outdoor plants
Recycling packaging materials like the bubble wraps can have good use to patio plants, acting as their protection against frost damage. Even popped bubble wraps help insulate plants and warm soil during the whole winter.

Cushion hard surfaces
Bubble wraps are perfect for outdoor activities too. They make benches comfortable to sit on and sleeping bags soft to sleep on. A good night's sleep after a tiring outdoor activity like camping can now be even better..

Protect fruits in the fridge
Bubble wraps prevent bruises to fruits in the fridge by lining the crisper drawer. When the lining gets dirty, it will just be easy to clean it as you can simply replace it with new bubble wraps.

Burglar alarms at home
Packaging material for shipping can also add security to your homes, acting as cheap burglar alarm. Easily place large bubble wraps on the floor of your front door and let them pop when unwanted visitors sneak in.

Pop out stress
De-stress with bubble wraps. Do the popping and let it soothe you in those troubled times. There are also games you can come up with that you could use on children parties. The benefits of recycling packaging materials can go a long list. So why shouldn't you?

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