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Bubble Wrap Provides Premium Protection for Fragile and Sensitive Items - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, September 22, 2014

Polyethylene bubble wrap contain small air pockets that help provide premium protection for fragile or sensitive items during shipment. It can be customized in different sizes and types so that it can be used for many different applications like surface or spot protection, void-fill, blocking and bracing. Bubble wrap is pliable and comes in bags, rolls, pouches, sheets, anti-static or in dispenser packs. The bubbles can even be formed in various shapes for different levels of cushioning protection and air retention barriers.

Bubble wrap in Boston, MA reduces packaging time and labor costs. This air cellular cushioning material has regularly and strategically spaced protruding bubbles that prevent abrasion, shock, or vibration from causing damage to the wrapped items. You will need less packaging materials and still achieve a longer lasting protection with bubble wrap because their air retention layers maintain consistent cushioning throughout the entire shipping cycle.

Using bubble wrap for your packaging material reduces breakage which can help eliminate the need to ship replacement products. Also, some bubble wrap has adhesive-coated cushioning. This allows it to directly adhere to clean surfaces which eliminates taping and reduces handling. Bubble wrap is flexible plastic sheeting that is effective in protecting your products from the hazards of shipping. It is safe to use and it is environmentally friendly.

Learn how polyethylene bubble wrap can improve your business in terms of its packaging. Contact Atlantic Poly now.

Lay Flat Poly Bags Have Optimal Strength and Superior Clarity for Sealing, Shipping and Storing Applications - Virginia Beach, VA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lay flat poly bags in Virginia Beach, VA are made of 100% low density polyethylene resin of different lengths in Mil. Their tubular construction with perforations in between bags makes it easier for them to be dispensed and used for numerous packaging and sealing applications. They are also safe and effective to use because they are non-toxic and FDA approved. Therefore, they are most recommended for storing and shipping parts, clothing, and even food products.

One reason why lay flat poly bags are most widely used on the market is because they are an economic option for sealing, shipping, and storing various items. They are custom-designed to have a double-bottom seal or extra-strong side weld for optimal strength making these bags durable and capable enough to carry different loads of products. Lay flat poly bags are also characterized by a good clarity that provides a clear picture of what are inside the bags so your customers will be able to check the quality of their purchases without having to open the packaging.

Lay flat poly bags are so versatile you can also choose different package lengths. For this reason, they can be used in various applications such as for food safety and temporary storage. Apart from the fact that they come in varied dimensions, these premium plastic bags also have different closing options: heat-sealed, stapled, taped shut, or tied, depending on what your particular application requires.

To find out more about the large selection of polyethylene packaging products, contact the Atlantic Poly.

Polyethylene Roll Stock Offer Sustainable Solutions for Packaging and Other Industrial Applications - Charlotte, NC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Polyethylene roll stock in Charlotte, NC is a very versatile material. This is why it has been used in a wide array of packaging and industrial applications. This polyethylene material is exceptionally resistant from the harmful effects of weather or any sort of external impact. The polyethylene roll is known for its remarkable durability and custom colors, making it ideal for high quality printing.

Polyethylene roll stock can be used in all kinds of applications because it comes with various types of surface textures, in different gauge thicknesses. Roll stocks, including Polyethylene Sheet Roll Stock and Poly Tubing Roll Stock, are made of polyethylene material and are known to be safe and strong. Available in stock and custom options that help ensure that every delivery of these products will have your customers coming back for your products and services.

Polyethylene roll stock can be produced in an array of colors and textures with different dimensions to meet custom specifications. Because rolls stock products can be customized to be resalable, roll stock is also proven safe and suitable for industrial applications as well as for packaging food, beverage, and other household products.

For more sustainable solutions with the use of roll stocks as well as other polyethylene products, contact the Atlantic Poly.

Polyethylene Garment Bags Provide Premium Protection for Your Clothing Line - Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

If your business is designing or selling wholesale or retail clothing, you must learn to run your business so that you are able to offer the most affordable trending products and services possible. Plastic garment and dry cleaning bags can protect and promote garments when in storage or during transit.

Polyethylene garment bags are a staple in the apparel, garment, sewn goods, or related industries. They have a variety of applications, not just for packing and storing dry-cleaned clothes. These poly bags come in different sizes and styles in order to provide premium protection from dirt, dust, and moisture during shipment or storage. Plastic garment bags can also be custom-designed and closeable for easy opening and closing.

Polyethylene garment bags in Providence, RI are known for clear and light weight packaging, and can even be custom-printed to carry you company name or brand. They are tested and proven to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in selling and retailing your brand. With sloped shoulder tops and pre-slit holes for hangers, these poly garment bags offer clear presentation which is perfect for companies attending fashion trade shows.

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