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Quick Zip Bags are Cost-Effective Alternative Packaging Solutions that are Resealable and Reusable - Virginia Beach, VA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Polyethylene bags in Virginia Beach, VA are custom-fabricated and can adapt to your specific needs, especially when the item needs to be sealed, stored, and shipped. Plastic bags provide a great alternative packing solution for a fair price, guaranteeing both security and safety.

One of the most commonly used poly bags are quick zip or resealable bags. Quick zip plastic bags are bags that can be sealed. These are ideal when you want to secure the contents to avoid contamination or leakage. Quick zip poly bags have a simple plastic ridge that clicks shut and pulls open making them resealable and reusable. These bags are perfect for handling portfolios, liquids, foods and other retail items.

Quick zip plastic bags are bags designed with a slider and zipper that allow you to repeatedly slide them open or closed. They can even be modified to add a front pouch or label. Quick zip poly bags also come in various sizes and colors for different applications. They are offer convenient applications that are not limited to electrical component packing, light-fast storage, color-coded packaging, document handling, artwork shipment, food safety, product presentation, and information security.

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Polyethylene Mailing Envelopes Ensure Protection in Shipping - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mailing envelopes in Boston, MA can now be made of polyethylene material. Plastic mailing envelopes are known for their high quality and opacity making them a better alternative than traditional options. Therefore investing in mailing envelopes for safeguarding any important mailing helps improve customer satisfaction.

We all know that efficient packaging is very important to the swift delivery of a shipment. This is also true when it comes to sending artwork, letters, photos, and valuables alike using poly mailing envelopes. These poly mailers may be ordered to be resistant to puncture, tear, water, and other external elements. Therefore, they guarantee additional protection, keeping the contents free from any sort of damage.

Mailing envelopes for packaging come in a wide range of ready-to-use variants so they can fit any shape and size of mailing applications. Now, shipping larger and heavier documents safely is no longer an issue. Poly mailers also come in a self-sealing box design to accommodate for large stacks of printed documents. Some are even reusable and re-sealable.

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Resealable Zip Bags are Reliable and Reusable for Food Packaging and Other Purposes - Virginia Beach, VA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reusable poly bags in Virginia Beach, VA come in many forms to fit different applications. They are often used in both residential and commercial kitchens, or even in industries that are not related to food. One type of reliable plastic bags are the quick zip plastic bag which is present in packaging food products for both large and small businesses.

Quick zip plastic bag are reusable plastic bags that come in various sizes and thicknesses. They can be used for food packaging because they are effective in ensuring that the food is protected against external elements that can affect the quality. There are many ways that quick zip plastic bags can be utilized. For example, they make marinating meat more convenient, food can be stored very easily, they are easily labeled and they are often air and freezer safe. These poly plastic bags are also the perfect alternative for convenient storage over hard plastic containers.

With today’s busy pace, there is an increasing demand for products that can make food preparation and packaging easier and faster. Consumers demand that food is fresh and healthy. This is possible when food is packed with high quality reusable poly bags which are safe for specialty packaging.

If you would like more detailed information about zip plastic bags, contact Atlantic Poly.

Polyethylene Stretch Film Provides Surface Protection and Security- Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 09, 2014

Using polyethylene stretch film is one of the most cost-effective methods of protecting products. By bundling, this protection helps minimize the damage caused both in the warehouse and in transit. Very often, items are prone to damage during storage and distribution. There are now two variations of stretch film from which to choose: machine-wrap stretch film and hand-held stretch film.

Polyethylene stretch film in Providence, RI meets or exceeds the specific requirements of several stretch film applications. It has a wide range of distinct gauges and widths to suit any load and pallet profile. Another benefit of stretch film is its versatility to wrap distinct sizes and shapes, it can even allow the wrapping and handling of items with sharp edges.

Today, packaging applications are even more demanding. However, advances in polyethylene stretch film means that it can now cope with the added demand and still continue to be an economical packaging solution. Stretch film has continued to offer ease and facility in managing and controlling inventory, particularly when unitizing a number of small items to make one larger unit. This also makes numerous smaller items easier to carry, store, inventory, and transport. Stretch film also provides an additional inexpensive layer of protection for numerous palletized items ready for shipment or delivery, cutting down on the use and cost of multiple packaging materials. Film is widely used because of its high-cling and transparent properties that are helpful in protecting product labels and codes, which can still be scanned through optics.

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