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Printed Poly Bags Help Increase Brand Recognition of Your Business – Hartford, CT

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 26, 2015

Plastic bags are not only used for the purpose of packing; you can also use plastic bags as a walking advertisement. Printed poly bags in Hartford, CT can bear your company logo, tag line, and other important company information that can be helpful in improving your branding and marketing strategies.

Polyethylene bags can be custom-printed based on your unique and specific requirements so they can align specifically with the marketing goals of your company. Use custom printed plastic bags to provide convenience for your customer when handling goods, and at the same time use them to your advantage in advertising your goods and services.

You can’t go wrong with printed poly bags because they have so many uses. Plastic bags can serve a multitude of purposes and benefits that business owners won’t want to miss. Customizing plastic bags allows you to maximize the value of your money in terms of packaging and promoting your products and services. The more you company bags are being used and reused, the more you catch the attention of potential customers as they become aware and interested in what your business can offer. Therefore, branded bags go a long way in increasing the brand recognition and recall of your business.

To find out more about the options in customizing printed poly bags for your business, contact Atlantic Poly.

Stretch Film is Safe and Effective in Bundling, Handling, Stabilizing, and Securing Items – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 16, 2015

In the packaging industry, the demand for stretch film in Boston, MA has been increasing. Stretch film is made from low-density polyethylene that is safe and effective in bundling, handling, stabilizing, and securing items. Stretch film comes in various colors, densities, and widths. Stretch film, or shrink wrap, can either be hand-held or machine wrap.

Hand-held stretch film can be clear or colored depending on your needs. You can even order anti-static stretch film for more specialized applications. This variation of stretch film comes in convenient hand-held sizes in separated in rolls. It can provide a super tight wrap which will help ensure that the items do not separate during shipping. Hand-held stretch film can assume different hues to help in increasing security and ensuring privacy.

To handle more demanding packaging more effectively machine wrap stretch film is used. It comes with an upgraded load holding and improved tear resistance. Its excellent stretch and clarity provide superior wrapping capacity. With the help of a machine, the stretch film can be applied with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Both the hand-held stretch film and the machine wrap stretch film can be customized to match the specific requirements of your application. For more details, contact Atlantic Poly.

Printed Poly Bags can also be Custom Designed to Promote and Support a Cause – Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Printed poly bags in Providence, RI help businesses who want branded bags that bear their logo or company information for advertising purposes. They can also be used in supporting your business’ cause with a targeted message that can be imprinted on the plastic bags before they are distributed.

Printed carrier polyethylene bags are the perfect way to support a cause not only to promote awareness but also to encourage more individuals to contribute. Complete layout and graphics services are available to ensure that your specific message is clearly conveyed on the plastic bags. The printing processes are simple to ensure production prices stay low while the quality of the finished products remains high quality.

There are many options in custom-designing printed poly bags so that they align with your marketing goals. With ease and facility in printing you can choose to print the same or different design on both sides of the bag so they adhere more to the vision-mission of your organization. For a more convenient option, you can choose to buy ready-made clear or colored poly bags that have extra bag strength and other essential features for packaging and handling objects.

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