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Quick Zip Poly Bags – Polyethylene Products that are Best for Packing Perishable or Delicate Goods - Providence, RI

Darren Kincaid - Monday, June 22, 2015

Polyethylene bags in Providence, RI can now be custom-engineered to have a quick-zip locking seal. This sealing feature makes these plastic bags ideal for packaging applications where protection against contaminants and other harmful elements is absolutely required in order to maintain a certain quality such as freshness in food products. This seal lock holds firmly which help largely in keeping moisture and dirt out.

Quick zip poly bags are standard resealable polyethylene bags that are known for their airtight, zipper-type seal. You no longer have to use heat sealers, ties, tapes, nor staples just to close a package. In addition, they also meet FDA and USDA specifications for food so these plastic zip seal bags can be used to store food for future consumption or for retail purposes. Also, when doing inventory these sealing bags provide a more convenient way to identify and organize.

The use of plastic ziplock bags is very popular because of the ease and facility they provide in applications such as storing perishable goods, shipping delicate products, or selling lightweight items. Although these polybags are clear, they can be customized for visual appeal with a distinct tint or with a brand name and logo.

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Poly Garment Bags Offer Light-Weight Protection for All Sizes and Styles of Clothes – Hartford, CT

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Poly garment bags in Hartford, CT are strategically made to meet the specific packaging requirements of dry cleaning and laundry shops, wholesale and retail stores, or other businesses in the garment industry. They provide exactly what businesses need in terms of packaging and storage of garments, helping you serve your loyal customers in a more cost-effective way.

Dry cleaning bags are low density polyethylene products with hanger holes and slope shoulders. With this design they are ideal for use in protecting everything related to wardrobe. These plastic garment bags fit to all sizes and styles of clothes whether they are formal, casual, work or play.

Plastic garment bags provide protection for clothes keeping them dust- and wrinkle-free for your customers. These plastic bags are light-weight, so they do not add any additional weight to the garment during transport. The clear covering allows for the clothes to be seen for quicker identification.

Plastic garment bags come on rolls for easy dispensing. They can even be custom-printed with your company logo and contact details along with the brand name. To find out more about plastic garment bags, contact Atlantic Poly.

Polyethylene Bags – Precisely Engineered and Customized to Deliver Packaging Solutions for Different Business Applications - Manchester, NH

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 11, 2015

The uses of polyethylene bags in Manchester, NH are boundless. They have longevity in the market because they are of great help to end-users, especially those who have retail businesses. These poly bags provide safe and effective packaging for goods sold, or even for international shipping and internal use.

Printed poly bags are available in various types so they can be used in any kind of application. They can be customized with distinct designs and colors to keep them in-line with your business. You even have the option to print a logo on them so the bags serve as a walking advertisement as well. You will spend less on local advertisements because the customers who use them will be carrying your brand and contact details which are printed on them.

Branded plastic bags from Atlantic Poly have been carefully engineered in order to maintain the highest quality and visual appeal. You can change the color and opacity of the bags to keep them more in line with your business needs. The best part is, they can be used for heavy items and they allow your customers to transport items with ease and facility. Plastic bags hold up to wear and tear like no other bags on the market so you will be free from worrying that they will rip or tear.

To find out more about polyethylene bags for your business, contact Atlantic Poly.

Poly Bubble Wrap and Bags Ensure the Best Condition of Your Products Upon Delivery - Hartford, CT

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Polyethylene bags come in a wide array of sizes and types in order to address the various needs of many businesses in Hartford, CT. They are a staple packaging material because they provide unmatched ease and use in so many business operations.

Among the polyethylene bags available in the market, plastic bubble pack is one of the most in demand packaging solutions. It provides protection for your products, especially those that are fragile and expensive, against abrasion and shock while being shipped over long distances. With polyethylene bubble wrap and bags in use in your business, you can be confident that items shipped will be delivered to your customers in their original, perfect condition.

Poly bubble wrap and bubble bags in Hartford, CT are made of high quality, low density polyethylene in order to provide added protection without adding weight to the shipment itself. This makes this packaging more cost-effective than many other cushioning materials. Bubble wrap and bags are intentionally manufactured lighter so that you will not incur an extra charge. As a result, you will be able to save money on freight expenses while maintaining protection standards for the items to be shipped.

To find out more about how you can develop a reputation with your clients through your shipping services as well as your products, contact Atlantic Poly.



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