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Polyethylene Plastic Tape are More Efficient for Shippers and Recipients – Canton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 25, 2015

The polyethylene plastic tapes in Canton, MA do more than just spotlight your company, products, and logo during shipping. Plastic tapes are versatile and attractive and come in various sizes and shades which allow your company to make an impact when shipping products to your customers. You no longer need to carry a large inventory of various printed boxes. Now your business can use plain inexpensive boxes with different customized tape for identification and other purposes.

Custom-printed poly tapes instantly identify the content of boxes for proper handling and storage especially when being transported over long distances. In fact, they carry special instructions such as “handle with care” and “open this end” as well as warning messages such as “fragile” and “glass.” All of these options help safeguard the items inside the packages during transit. They also greatly help in reducing pilferage because they cannot be detached and resealed without detection, warning the recipient to not accept merchandise if the seal is broken.

Polyethylene plastic tapes also aid in tracking delays or lost shipments because the poly tapes bears important details that make the packages easily identifiable. Using these customized tapes also create good will. Clients will be grateful knowing that you have done everything possible to protect their orders, which creates a favorable impression and reputation for your company.

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Poly Garment Bags Are The Most Practical Way to Protect Clothes and Outerwear – Manchester, NH

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 18, 2015

The best quality poly garment bags in Manchester, NH are now on the market. The garment bags supplied by Atlantic Poly provide the most economical way to protect clothes and outerwear when being stored or shipped. They are thin and light so they save material during production yet offer the right protection. In addition to being inexpensive, they are also resistant to water and chemicals.

Plastic garment bags are produced using ultra-thin yet super strong linear low density polyethylene material. These bags come with preslit hanger holes and contoured shoulders that fit all standard hangers. There are also variations that can be designed with generous side gussets for safe-keeping of multiple or bulky garments.

Because of the coverage and protection that poly garment bags provide for any size and style garments, they are widely used among dry cleaners, retail stores, and laundry companies. These laundry and dry cleaning plastic bags covers dresses, gowns, suits, slacks, and other clothing or sewn goods to protect them from dirt or damage while in storage, on display, or when being transported.

Garment poly bags have several uses in various clothing related industries. Options for customization are available for garment bags that will fit the specific requirements of your business. For more information, contact Atlantic Poly.

Custom-Printed Polyethylene Plastic Tape is a Must-Have when Shipping – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 10, 2015

Using custom-printed polyethylene plastic tape in Boston, MA has a number of advantages, particularly when shipping boxed merchandise. With plastic tape, you can seal boxes so they contents are easily identified for customers to read and remember. You can use a custom-printed polyethylene plastic tape rather than using plain shipping tape in order to make packages more professional and more easily inventoried.

When using poly tape to seal boxes you will be able to catch the attention of customers and make packages more easy to receive on their end. With modern printing technology paving the way for more convenient customization, you can have custom-printed polyethylene plastic tape that is perfect for your business.

Custom-printed polyethylene plastic tape is a must-have when shipping boxed merchandise. It serves many purposes in addition to keeping boxes intact after being properly sealed. They also offer a unique opportunity to enhance your branding since branded tape can have your company name and logo printed on it for everyone to see.

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Bubble Packs are Polyethylene Packaging Materials that Protect Fragile Items when Stored or Shipped – Virginia Beach, VA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 04, 2015

Whether you run an online store or a manufacturing facility you can benefit from polyethylene packaging products for storing and shipping goods. Usually these packaging materials are used to wrap items before shipping; bubble packs are one of the most widely used choices among polyethylene packaging materials.

The bubble packs in Virginia Beach, VA provide the necessary all-around protection for the goods that are being transported, especially those fragile items that are shipped long distances. Bubble wrap makes sure that goods shipped to valued customers arrive safely in order to uphold your business standards. If the items are breakable, it is even more important to use the right shipping and packaging materials in order to preserve the integrity of the product so it remains undamaged and intact.

Polyethylene bubble packs deliver outstanding protection against abrasion, vibration, and shock. In fact, they can also be customized in a variety of sizes in order to make wrapping fragile items more convenient, less time-consuming, and cost-effective. While bubble packs offer a better level of protection, this packaging material does not use up a lot of space or add weight to the overall package.

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