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Quick Zip Poly Bags Provide Unmatched Protection to Items that Need to be Sealed but Can Also Be Closed and Reopened Often – Manchester, NH

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 25, 2016

Quick zip poly bags in Manchester, NH have a noticeable difference in quality than other plastic bags. They come in different sizes and styles that can be further customized so you can be sure that you will be able to find the right type of quick zip poly bags needed in your business.

Quick zip poly bags are ideal for retail applications because they are perfect for products that need to be kept fresh or sealed. They can also be used for items that need to be repackaged for resale. They have a zipper-type seal which allows for easy opening and closing. Because they are resealable, these plastic bags are ideal for containing goods that can lose freshness if not kept and sealed tight. They also meet FDA and USDA specifications which means they can be used for all types of food safety and handling applications. Zip bags are also excellent for mass packaging especially when there is a need to protect items from dust and water while being stored and transported.

Plastic ziplock bags are made from low density polyethylene. They can be customized to meet most unique business requirements and are perfect for hanging when displaying and organizing goods. Quick zip poly bags can be made with many various opaqueness for the highest clarity or to block light entirely in order to protect the items within.

To find out more about quick zip poly bags, contact Atlantic Poly.

Polyethylene Plastic Tape Does more than just Seal Boxes With Fragile Items – Hartford, CT

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 15, 2016

Polyethylene plastic tapes does more than just seal boxes. Plastic tape can help spread brand awareness and can convey warning messages which is why many businesses choose to take advantage of this highly functional way to seal packages. Poly tape has many options for customization.

Poly tapes come with an aggressive adhesive that seals your package better than most other sealing options. You can be confident that the boxes used to ship and store items for your business are closed and sealed during transport or storage.

Polyethylene plastic tape in Hartford, CT have grown in demand because of their versatility and affordability. They can be customized for a reasonable price to contain warning messages such as FRAGILE or HAZARDOUS so that those handling the boxes will know how to treat the boxes and the items within. Poly plastic tape can also be custom-printed to bear your company logo or business name.

To find out more about customizing polyethylene plastic tapes based on the specific needs of your business, contact Atlantic Poly.

Bubble Packs: Why They One of The Most Popular Polyethylene Packaging Products on The Market – Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 08, 2016

Bubble packs are one of the most popular polyethylene packaging products on the market. In addition to being fun to pop, this plastic packaging material actually works wonders in regards to protecting fragile, expensive, or breakable goods.

Bubble packs in Providence, RI are widely for shipping and storing items that can be easily damaged. When breakable goods are stored in a box or on a pallet, bubble packs, bubble wrap and bubble bags provide them with an added level of protection. Bubble wrap packaging products provide extra cushion to items minimizing the impact from external forces.

Another reason bubble pack is commonly used for additional protection or extra cushioning in packages is because it does not add extra weight to the package. The bubbles are air-filled which makes them light enough while being able to provide the protection needed for fragile or breakable items.

To find out more about polyethylene bubble packs, contact Atlantic Poly.



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