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Polyethylene Bags can be Custom-Printed to Act as Effective Marketing Tools – North Attleboro, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 22, 2016

Custom-printed polyethylene bags in North Attleboro, MA are an effective packaging because they double as a marketing tool. As a business owner, spreading the word about your business is one way to attracting new customers. Custom branded plastic bags are a wise investment in packaging and marketing.

In addition to being available in different sizes and colors, plastic grocery bags can also be custom-printed to bear your brand name and logo as well as other important details like a marketing message or call-to-action. Since you need bags for customers to transport their purchased goods, why not customize them by creating poly bags to help promote brand awareness.

Branded plastic bags can be customized and purchased in bulk for the quantity you need at a price you can afford. Work with a reputable packaging supplier with a proven track record of providing high quality and aesthetically pleasing polyethylene bags that will fit the specific requirements of your retail store.

To find out more about your options in customizing printed poly bags, contact Atlantic Poly.

Bubble Pack Provides Superior Protection for Sensitive and Fragile Items – Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 15, 2016

Bubble pack is one of the most widely used polyethylene packaging products in the market today. Bubble packs and bags are not just plastic sheets that are wrapped around items, in a box, bubble wrap acts as a cushion or barrier around packaged items. If you ship fragile items, the best way to keep them safe through the entire process is with bubble pack. Bubble wrap provides an air barrier to better protect fragile items during storage or shipping.

Bubble packs in Providence, RI are manufactured to be better able to provide superior cushioning without adding weight to the package. Packaging cost is also reduced because less material is required to achieve better protection for fragile items. Bubble packs also come with air retention layers that maintain a consistent cushion for the packed items throughout the shipping cycle. Because of the unmatched protection provided by poly bubble packs, the need to ship replacement products is decreased or eliminated. Businesses will not only save on packaging costs, they will also minimize product returns and replacements due to damage during shipment.

To find out more about bubble pack, bags and wrap, contact Atlantic Poly.

Poly Garment Bags with Hanger Holes, Sloped Shoulders, and Zippers for Easier Handling, Displaying, and Storing – Cambridge, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 08, 2016

When you are in the clothing business, you have certainly used plastic garment bags. These garment bags are perfect for transporting garments because of the hanger holes, sloped shoulders, and re-sealable zippers which provide easy use in handling, displaying, and storing any kind of clothing.

The poly garment bags in Cambridge, MA are high quality and at the best price. There are options for custom-printing the company logo and information. Various sizes are available too to best fit various styles of clothing and there are color and transparency options as well. The plastic used in manufacturing these polyethylene garment bags will keep the clothes safe from damage, stains and dust. As a business owner, you can be confident that the garments will be protected against both external and internal elements.

Poly garment bags are perfect for keeping clothes and other textiles well-protected against dust, dirt, and particles that can stain. They are strategically designed to help keep clothes wrinkle-free regardless of if it is an evening gown, formal wear, a full length coat, business suit, or even an ordinary shirt or sweater.

To find out more about your options for high quality poly garment bags, contact Atlantic Poly.

Polyethylene Bags are Durable for Packaging, Beautiful for Marketing – Wilmington, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 01, 2016

Polyethylene bags in Wilmington, MA are effective for all types of packaging purposes. Plastic bags found most often in grocery stores are also considered effective marketing tools. Plastic grocery bags are made from low density polyethylene which can be custom-designed to help promote brand awareness for your business. Businesses and consumers choose these bags in order to contain and transport purchase. But these bags can also be used to further your business brand by becoming moving advertisements. Because your consumers walk around with your company bags, choose only high quality poly bags to carry even heavy grocery items and other goods.

In addition to being available in various sizes, shades, and shapes, branded plastic bags can bear your company name, logo, and/or contact details and branches. Messages or taglines can also be printed on them.

To find out more about custom-designed branded grocery bags, contact Atlantic Poly.



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