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Polyethylene Bags can be Recycled to Maximize Use and Minimize Environmental Impact – East Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 27, 2017

It is easy to overlook the advantages of using polyethylene bags in East Providence, RI due to an incorrect perception that they are not environmentally friendly. While all packaging, both paper and plastic, may have ecological drawbacks, plastic bags are still not bad, They are beneficial to retailers, their consumers, and they can even be beneficial to the environment.

There is much debate over which is more detrimental to the environment, paper bags or polyethylene bags. The truth is, when compared, each has advantages and disadvantages. One of the environmental advantages of polyethylene bags is that they have less mass than paper bags so contribute far less solid waste to landfills and even less when they are recycled. Additionally, the production of paper shopping bags requires more energy than the production of plastic bags. Paper bag manufacturing also results in 70% more air pollution than plastic bag manufacturing.

Retailers should always remind consumers to recycle plastic bags. By recycling, consumers can avoid many of the drawbacks relative to plastic bags. This means less waste in landfills and everyone can profit from their use in a more environmentally sustainable manner.

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Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Make Transporting Goods Safe and Convenient – Manchester, NH

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 20, 2017

Often, transporting goods can be inconvenient. The difficulty of storing goods and keeping them safe contributes to the difficulty. But corrugated cardboard boxes allow companies to keep product safe as well as transport merchandise efficiently and inexpensively.

Highly adaptable corrugated shipping boxes have numerous benefits in the modern world. They are less expensive and can be bought in bundles to help reduce shipping costs. Additionally, they are made through advanced paper-making technology which has further reduced the manufacturing cost.

These corrugated boxes in Manchester, NH are widely used in packaging all types of products including food, clothes, medicine, electronics, and more. These boxes are perfect for all types of shipping. Another benefit to corrugated cardboard boxes is that they are available in a host of pre-cut sizes to accommodate the varied packaging needs. When these boxes are matched with bubble pack, they can also ship and store fragile items as well.

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Bubble Packs Provide Consistent, Almost Weightless Cushioning throughout Storage or Shipping – Hartford, CT

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 13, 2017

Shipping and packaging products that are available in the market are not just bags; they are also air-filled bubble wrap. Bubble wrap and bags are widely used in storage and shipping applications because the air-filled bubbles provide additional protection without incurring additional weight.

Bubble pack in Hartford, CT are strategically designed to become thick enough to absorb an external force that can cause damage to the items that are stored or shipped. They are known for their superior cushioning and do not result in higher freight charges. This is because the added protection they provide is almost weightless considering that the bubbles are air-filled. The packaging costs are significantly reduced because less packaging materials are required in order to achieve better protection for the application unique to your business.

Bubble packs can provide consistent cushioning throughout the storage or shipping cycle. This is beneficial to business because bubble packs help eliminate the need to ship replacement products and costs are kept down while companies also ensure that fragile items arrive damage-free at their destinations.

To find out more about polyethylene bubble packs, contact Atlantic Poly.

Happy New Year from Atlantic Poly – North Attleboro, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 06, 2017
Happy New Year from Atlantic Poly

Happy New Year 2017 from Atlantic Poly!

A fresh new year has arrived once again. It’s the time to be thankful for everything we have and for everything we have achieved in the past year. But it is also time to start new, start strong, and accomplish everything we want to do this year.

It is also time for us to say “Thank You” for our success last year. If you are an existing associate, we have enjoyed working with you. If we are just embarking on a new relationship with you in 2017, we look forward to the opportunity. We are excited for what we all can achieve in 2017.

The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals. – Melody Beattie

Happy New Year from Atlantic Poly!



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