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Poly Bubble Wrap and Bags Provide Superior Cushioning to Fragile Items and Ensure Its Perfect Condition Upon Shipping

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 27, 2018
Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Providence, RI

Poly bubble wrap provides excellent protection for shipping and storing fragile, breakable products which is why it is one of today’s most popular packaging materials for those who are storing and shipping. Poly bubble wraps and bubble bags provide superior cushioning for fragile items to keep them safe from shock, abrasion, and breakage. Aside from the superior protection bubble wrap offers, it is also inexpensive and offers other numerous advantages.

Polyethylene bubble wrap and bubble bags in Newton, MAare manufactured from high quality, low density polyethylene. This provides better tensile strength and puncture resistance for more efficient cushioning of shipped and stored items. Also, bubble wrap is lightweight so it does not increase freight charges for shippers. As a result, they are able to save money on shipping costs as well as build a good reputation from clients for delivering packaged items in perfect condition.

Plastic bubble pack comes in rolls, bags, and sheets and is generally available in different types and sizes. This depends on the size of the product being packed, as well as the level of cushioning protection needed. Additionally, bubble wrap and bags are recyclable and reusable making them an excellent and cost-effective packaging material.

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Gusseted Plastic Bags are Useful in the Food Packaging Industry

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 20, 2018
Atlantic Poly Gusseted Poly Bags

If you need a bag that expands and conforms to fit product, then gusseted poly bags are the perfect solution for any packaging and retail applications. Today, these bags are some of the most popular and useful packaging materials used in the food industry due to their versatility, easy-to-use features, and limited space. Gusseted plastic bags can also be useful and accessible for other practices like storing parts and displaying items.

Polyethylene bags in Boston, MA are made from 100% Virgin Low Density Polyethylene resins and are FDA and USDA certified. This makes gusseted poly bags ideal for food packaging because they are safe and hygienic in nature. These bags have expandable sides and bottoms that allows you to package thicker or bulkier items. Also, the crinkle side feature can be enlarged to hold large and irregularly shaped items. Due to their large and flat base, gusseted bags can stand in a stable position and can keep the packed food in perfect condition. In comparison to a jar or bottle, gusseted poly bags perform better because they don’t fall and are sanitary. Lastly, these bags are more flexible and occupy less space compared to ordinary jars and containers when displayed in the kitchen.

With the vast number of options and various sizes and densities available gusseted polyethylene bags are becoming more popular. Whether you use them in the food industry or just simply for day-to-day storage of other items, gusseted poly bags are perfect for packing and storing.

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Anti-Static Bags Safely Protect Electronic Devices and Components from Static Discharge

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 13, 2018
Atlantic Poly Anti-Static Bag

If you are working in an industry that deals with delicate electronics, static discharge can be one of the most expensive and dangerous risks to components. Moreover, if you fail to adequately protect products and components from the risks of static discharge during transportation and storage, you will end up with extensive loss and lower return on investment. To protect your electronic devices and components from mechanical and electrostatic damage, using anti-static polyethylene bags is your best solution.

Anti-static bags in Norwood, MA are specially designed and used to provide protection for devices and other electric components which are static sensitive. Computer components such as motherboards, hard drives, optical drives, memory cards, and other items of a similar nature like electronic circuits and internal electronic components can easily be damaged by static discharge. Anti-static bags are made of electrically-conductive plastic that dissipates any static electric charges that start to form. Whether you’re trying to avoid damage to sensitive electronic devices and components or trying to keep a volatile environment safe, preventing static discharge from potentially charged items with anti-static bags is a sound policy.

Anti-static bags come with multiple layers of protection helping products reach their designated destinations safely. These anti-static poly bags vary from their specific applications. Pink anti-static bags remove the danger of static build-up in applications which do not require faraday cage protection while metallic static shielding bags combine faraday cage protection with maximum visibility for highly sensitive applications.

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Quick Zip Poly Bags Make Product Packaging, Storing, and Transporting Quick and Easy

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 06, 2018
Atlantic Poly Quick Zip Poly Bag

Quick zip poly bags are the perfect choice for a number of different applications like food safety, product presentation, electrical component packing, document handling, artwork shipment, and more. They are ideal for securing items to avoid contamination and leakage. The integral sliding zipper mechanism of these bags makes sealing quick and easy.

Polyethylene bags in Virginia Beach, VA can accommodate your business’ specific needs, especially when the products need to be sealed, stored, and shipped. This ensures both safety and security of the products. Zip bags are great for various businesses because packaging takes less time and the zip prevents spoilage. They have always been associated with the food industry because they are suitable for storing and transporting food. They are one of the best ways to wrap and unwrap any type of food like fruits, nuts, treats, and more, while also keeping them fresh for longer. This allows consumers to eat the food products inside safely and seal it up again to use later with ease.

Some plastics may contain chemicals that are harmful when they come in contact with food. Since quick zip poly bags are airtight and FDA/USDA-approved, they are safe and therefore can be used in all types of food. Also, they come in various sizes, colors and thickness and can be customized like adding a front pouch or label to match the specific needs of your business.

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