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Made-to-Order Vinyl Holders for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 31, 2018
Atlantic Poly Polyethylene Tapes Hartford, CT

Vinyl holders in Wilmington, MA are widely used in commercial and industrial applications.These include inventory procedures, diverse industrial processes, and item management. They are also used for displaying merchandise, organizing sales or information materials, and safe storage of items. Here are some common uses of vinyl holders for different commercial and industrial settings:

  • Name and ID Badge Holders - a small pouch that encases IDs or name badges. It comes with pins or custom-designed strings.
  • CD Holders - a case that holds single or multiple CDs. It can have a self-adhesive backing that enables you to stick it inside the cover of manuals and instructional guidebooks.
  • Fact Tag Holders - these are use as a casing for fact signs and tags that is attached to shelves or individual items along with its brief description.
  • Merchandise Vinyl strip - An elongated display vinyl with multiple slots and clips where merchandise can be hanged and displayed.
  • Key Holders - Mostly used by banks to hold and organize safety deposit box keys and other facilities that have multiple security entries.

Atlantic Poly offers made-to-order vinyl pouches and holders. These holders can be manufactured according to individual and specific specifications based on size, shape, color, weight and additional accessories. Contact Atlantic Poly Inc., for more information on vinyl holders.

Customized Poly Tapes Are Excellent Labels and Safety Indicators for Various Items

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 24, 2018
Atlantic Poly Polyethylene Tapes Hartford, CT

Poly tapes have versatile uses in various industrial and commercial settings. This polyethylene film is coated with adhesive to serve multipurpose applications that require protecting, sealing, and binding. Additionally, it is used to label items for quick identification, safety warnings, and handling instructions.

Custom-printed polyethylene plastic tapes enable companies to print important cautionary instructions and conveniently stick it to fragile items or packages. Handlers can easily identify items that need extra care and manipulation with poly tape indicators attached. Moreover, these tapes are UV inhibitors that stay tough even with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. They also have moisture resistant properties that inhibit moisture from entering and damaging the items it seals. This also means your safety markings won't be erased or stripped off even when exposed to a harsh environment.

Polyethylene tapes in Hartford, CT are available in wide array of dimensions and densities to serve broader applications. The quality guarantees durable adhesion to varieties of surfaces. These tapes are perfect for packaging and storage use that requires extra care in handling.

Contact Atlantic Poly for your customized poly tape options.

Poly Tubing Impulse Sealers for Time Saving and Energy-Efficient Industrial Packaging

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 17, 2018
Atlantic Poly tubing in Hartford, CT

In industrial settings, impulse sealers are used to seal bags for various packaging and storage applications. Impulse sealers conveniently seal bags without heating it up. By using an electrical impulse, the sealer will instantly heat and seal layflat poly tubing to create sealed bags of various sizes.

Layflat Polyethylene Tubing can be cut to any length. They are also available in different widths, from 1" to over 8", and guages from .001 to .008mm. Any request for customization of sizes, color and other additives is possible. This poly tubing protects product integrity and quality during handling and shipping all the way to the final destination.

With the use of heat sealers, you can create air tight bags for an affordable price. These heavy duty sealers have a timing light, timing signal, teflon sealing strip, and fully replaceable parts. The unit offers time-saving and energy efficient packaging designed for industrial use. If you are in need of heavy duty impulse sealers and high quality poly tubing for your business, contact Atlantic Poly.

Corrugated Boxes Are Essential To Courier Business

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 10, 2018
Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Providence, RI

Do you run a shipping and storage company? Then, corrugated cardboard boxes are essential to your business. Cardboard boxes can serve as safe storage for a variety of items you handle and ship on a daily basis.

Corrugated boxes in Manchester, NH are made with premium quality materials for all types of purposes. It is made from corrugated fiberboard formed according to specific standards for storage, mailing and shipping applications. Corrugated boxes keep the items stored within intact and undamaged during transport. Additionally, these lightweight containers will not add extra weight to the load of the package, keeping shipping costs at a minimum. With this protective packaging, items will be shipped in perfect condition.

Keeping fragile items all in one place is crucial when carrying and shipping items especially over long distances. Corrugated boxes keep breakable and frail products unharmed during the shipping process. On top of that, corrugated boxes are available in a variety of different sizes for small to large items. Contact Atlantic Poly for affordable and quality corrugated boxes.

Quick Zip Poly Bags are Essential In Food Businesses

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 03, 2018
Atlantic Poly Quick Zip Poly Bag

In the food industry quick zip poly bags are essential for safe packing of perishable goods and ingredients. To maintain the freshness of all types of food, spices, sauces and more they should be properly handled and stored in clean packages at the right temperatures. Quick zip poly bags can provide that protection.

Quick zip poly bags in Boston, MA are of the highest quality and they are produced under the Green Eco Seal. In fact, they meet the specifications of the FDA and the USDA which guarantees they are safe to use for the storing of food products. These plastic bags are resealable which enables you to save leftovers and maintains freshness. The seal ensures the plastic bags remain air tight.

Zip locking plastic bags are useful for organizing food items in the cooler, freezer, or dry storage. Also, these poly bags are available in various sizes for all types of items. Contact Atlantic Poly for high quality zip locking poly bags.



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