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Premium Quality Drum Liners Help Reduce Contamination Risks

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 25, 2019
Atlantic Poly Drum liners in Hartford, CT

Businesses that regularly deal with hazardous chemicals or infectious wastes should always stock up on poly drum liners. These plastic liners serve as an extra protective lining inside your waste containers. When disposing of toxic chemicals, paints, debris, and hazardous waste, this waste needs to be securely contained while working and during disposal to prevent contamination.

A benefit of Drumskin drum liners is that they are made with premium quality plastic with anti-static properties. This makes them an excellent liner for flammable material as well. These plastic bags are relied upon by many facilities for storing varieties of solids or liquids that may be harmful. Apart from that, these drum liners feature elastic strength so they won't easily rip, making them ideal drum liners for holding fluids and other viscous materials.

Drum liners in Hartford, CT vary in size and thickness, and can significantly reduce the risk of contamination in your facility and the environment. Contact Atlantic Poly Inc. for customized sizes specific for your application.

Hand-Held Stretch Films Prevent Damage and Shifting of Pallets During Shipping and Storage

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 18, 2019
Atlantic Poly, Boston, MA

Hand-held stretch films are a versatile poly wrap commonly used for bundling, handling, protecting, and stabilizing items during transit. They come in various sizes, offer durability, and puncture-resistance making it one of the packaging essentials in logistics and courier services.

Hand-held poly stretch films in Worcester, MA can be further customized to better suit business needs. Plastic film offers an affordable bundling and protective solution for your pallet loads. When properly and snugly applied for wrapping products to the skid it can keep the pallet load intact, dirt and dust free. It can also reduce the chance of separation during motion.

Poly stretch film stretches which can easily conform to various irregular shapes. Customization of these poly films allows companies to have different colors available for various uses. Many industries do this for easy identification of products.

For your customized hand-held poly stretch films, contact Atlantic Poly Inc.

Poly Stretch Films Secure and Protect Goods During Storage and Transit

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 11, 2019
Atlantic Poly, Boston, MA

When using pallets or crates to transport goods, it is necessary to secure them using stretch film. This plastic film provides added security and stability during handling, storage and shipping by wrapping them snugly to a pallet, protecting goods from the elements and from shifting.

Poly stretch film can be manually wrapped or wrapped with the use of special machinery. Adhesives and staples are not required because it adheres to itself. In industrial settings, special machines are used for wrapping to make use of wider and longer film to accommodate larger goods. Polyethylene stretch films are available in various sizes so businesses can choose the dimensions that are suitable for their application.

Poly stretch film is not limited for securing goods during transit, it is also used for storage. For affordable wrap to protect products, consider using polyethylene stretch films. Contact Atlantic Poly for more information.

Customized Poly Plastic Tapes for Safety Labels on Packaging

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 04, 2019
Atlantic Poly Polyethylene Tapes Boston, MA

Poly tapes are multi-purpose which makes them a staple in numerous industrial and commercial uses. This adhesive poly film can seal and bind packages. But it can also be perfect for labeling various items.

Customized polyethylene plastic tapes allow printing of cautionary directions and conveniently adhere to fragile parcels. With the help of these labels, handlers can easily identify those packages containing items that requires extra care in handling and transporting. Poly plastic tapes in Boston, MA are top quality and tough to UV light. This means it won't easily break or be weakened even when directly expose to sunlight. It's a good sealant because it impedes moisture to penetrate inside the packaging and ruin its contents. You are guaranteed that your cautionary labels will remain intact even when confined to rough conditions.

Polyethylene plastic tapes are available in many sizes to serve numerous purposes. It is durable and can adhere to all sorts of surfaces and finishes. If your business needs a perfect labeling tool for packages, look no further than poly plastic tapes.

Contact Atlantic Poly Inc, for your customized poly tape needs.



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