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Zip Lock Bags For Organizing Craft Items

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 25, 2019
Atlantic Poly Quick Zip Poly Bag

If your business involves crafts, beads, small gems or charms, then you look for packaging that organizes and displays these small items. When sorting and promoting your small items and accessories, nothing is more dependable and affordable than Atlantic Poly zip lock bags.

Our quick zip plastic bags features sliding zippers that keep small items sealed and intact. They are safe and easy to operate. This prevents the far to common scenario of accidental destruction of the zip structure and causing messy spills. These transparent quick zip poly bags in Boston, MA are reusable and presentable as well.

Atlantic Poly Inc. is a maker of clear low cost but high quality zippered bags perfect for repeated uses. You'll find them in many sizes, from small to extra-large. If you are in need of zip lock poly bags in various sizes, contact Atlantic Poly Inc.

Packing List Envelopes Protects Shipping Invoices During Transit

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 19, 2019
Atlantic Poly, Packing List Envelopes - Boston, MA

Packing list envelopes provide protection for invoices and shipping lists attached in the outer box or container of the shipped items. Poly packing list envelopes are a convenient means for recipients to check what the box contains or what specific items are included in a particular shipment. It keeps the list safe, making sure it is not detached or lost during transit.

These are clear pouches that adhere to the shipping boxes. This allows easy visibility of contents and makes inventory check easy without the need for tearing into the list. When contents are confidential, you can order full-face packing list pouches. Our polyethylene packing list envelopes made here in Boston, MA are pressure-sensitive pockets that are easy to attach and secure to mailing containers. We offer a wide array of sizes and color options. You can also request custom printing to meet the needs of your business.

Contact Atlantic Poly Inc., for your high quality packing list envelopes today.

Custom Pallet Shrouds and Stretch Films Protect Products

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 12, 2019
Atlantic Poly Custom Pallet Shrouds and Stretch Films - Boston, MA

Does your business involves hefty products and pallets of boxes? If you need materials that can serve as a pallet wrap or cover, custom made pallet shrouds and stretch films from Atlantic Poly is your best solution. They are the most highly demanded pallet shrouding material on the market.

Our custom made poly shrouds in Hartford, CT can be tailor-made to exactly serve your purpose. You can order for a specific thickness and color that is suited for a particular application. This plastic covering can be a perfect protective measure against contaminants, perishable goods, and in fact, any material that is shipped on a pallet.

To further secure items stacked on pallets, poly stretch films are also perfect pallet wraps used to secure your items or boxes in place. These are high quality poly sheets with superb puncture resistance and load retention. It is free from frills making dispensing and wrapping easy and smooth.

Pallet shrouds and stretch films are foundationally important when you transport and ship products. Utilizing these wraps will ensure that your items are intact and in perfect condition until they arrive in their final destination.

For more information about pallet shrouds and stretch films, contact Atlantic Poly Inc.

Polyethylene Garment Bags For Display and Delivery Applications

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 05, 2019
Atlantic Poly Polyethylene Garment Bags

Garment manufacturers and consumers alike must protect their high value garments from a host of threats. Sun and bugs are the two most common threats to damage and/or ruin high value garments. For this reason, high-value garment manufacturers and consumers employ the use of polyethylene garment bags to seal and protect them during both the delivery and storage process.

Using poly garment bags in Seekonk, MA is one of the safest and most cost-efficient manner when dealing with high-valued garments. When your investment comes at a high price, you will always make sure such is absolutely protected against anything that might cause it damage thereby lessening its supposed value. Did you know that simple dust or dirt can ruin a garment? Moths as you know can destroy fabric in short order. Not covering garments with polyethylene garment bags is like an accident waiting to happen. The plastic garment bags are usually made out of ultra-thin, low density polyethylene bags thereby guaranteeing a high quality but still light-weight protection so they do not add to the weight of the garments placed inside.

Gowns, onesies, tuxedos, pants, blouses, skirts, suits, and all other types of clothes can be effortlessly sealed inside the poly bags because they can be custom-designed to provide enough coverage for the garments. So that by the time they reach their destination or be held by their new owners, these high-valued garments are still in perfect condition. Aside from making it easier to transport the garments, these poly bags can make displaying items a breeze as they come with hanger holes and shaped shoulders.

To find out more about the other applications of poly garment bags, contact Atlantic Poly.



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