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Protect Commercial Products During Shipping with Poly Shrouds

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 28, 2019
Atlantic Poly - Custom Made Poly Shrouds, Hartford, CT

Businesses that ship or store large items chose to protect them via poly plastic shrouds. This protective material protects the widest array of commodities from damaging elements such as dust and moisture. Our Atlantic Poly, poly shrouds are available in broad range of shapes, sizes and thickness. You can request custom-made sizes to perfectly fit your application no matter how large the items are. The material delivers formfitting packaging capable of fully enclosing the most irregularly-shaped items. You also have the option to select clear or colored plastics and can request custom-print for branding and labeling purposes.

We manufacture a variety of polyethylene shrouds - low density, anti-static, mil spec material, etc. No minimum orders are required. Get a quote today for your made to order poly bags and shrouds, contact Atlantic Poly.

Advantages of Corrugated Boxes

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 21, 2019
Atlantic Corrugated Boxes in Boston, MA

Corrugated boxes are composed of ribbed sheets with one or two flat linerboards. This provides greater durability and stiffness to the carton and more resistance to compression, bending, vibration and shock. This makes it an ideal package material for multiple or hefty items.

Here are key advantages of using corrugated cartons for your business:

  • It is lightweight so it is easy to carry, transport and ship.
  • It is durable and malleable to tears so it can stay intact during rough transport. Ideal for shipping items in long distances.
  • Presents a practical solution for packaging especially when they are purchased in bulk. Since they are lightweight they don't add up much to the shipping cost. While, their toughness can help reduce damage cost during shipping.
  • They are flexible and can be re-shape to different forms and sizes. You can request for a custom-size and print so you can add logos or labels to make it more marketable.
  • They can be reused and recycled.

If you require corrugated boxes for shipping or storage containers, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. Our corrugated boxes in Boston, MA come in various dimensions and we also accept made to order sizes.

The Multiple Use Applications of Poly Tubing Rolls

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 14, 2019
Atlantic Poly Poly Tubing Rolls in  Boston, MA

Layflat poly tubing, also known as poly tubing roll is a versatile plastic wrap utilized in myriads of industrial applications. Poly tubing can accommodate multiple items with varying dimensions because it has the ability to create various package lengths. With poly tubing rolls, you can create custom bags that are perfect fit for your products. Here are some common uses of lay flat plastic tubing:

  • Food Products - Polyethylene tubing are typically use to package food items. It provides a safe and hygienic way to store fresh food or frozen products.
  • Items for shipping - No matter what the size, it can provide extra protection to various items. Since it can be sealed by staplers, twist ties or hand sealers, your items can remain dust-free. It is also water proof and tear resistant so it is very ideal for items that requires additional protection during handling and transport.
  • Ducting works - In factories and industrial sites, they are used as temporary way to control air flow. It can be utilized for ventilation or as a method to take hot or cold air to another section or room on site.

Poly tubing offers an affordable and convenient way to handle different needs. If you need customized poly tubing for your business, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Poly Garment Bags – Perfect Protection for High Value Clothing

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 07, 2019
Atlantic Poly Poly Garment Bags

Expensive and regular day-use garments alike must be protected from the various threats of dust, stains, light, and insects. If your business handles high value clothing or apparel you need to properly protect and secure them before placing them to storage spaces. Atlantic Poly’s polyethylene garment bags are perfect solutions to protect clothing from the assortment of environmental factors.

Plastic garment bags are affordable solutions for keeping clothes dust and wrinkle-free. For easy handling and storage, these garment bags are styled with sloped shoulders on top and pre-slit hanger hole. They also come with side gussets to accommodate more than one garment each bag. Although these are super thin, they can excellently provide protection to your garments from all sorts of elements that can ruin it.

Atlantic Poly’s garment bags can also be ordered in custom print. You can have your labels and logo pressed on the surface so your customers can identify your brand. Atlantic Poly's service, custom capabilities, availability and competitive pricing have made our garment bags the preferred choice by clothing businesses across the US.

So if you require high-quality poly garment bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.



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