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Advantages of Using Shrink Film or Wrap

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Atlantic Poly Shrink Films - Boston, MA

Shrink film delivers numerous purposes across diverse industries. They are convenient to use and present a broad range of business advantages. A tight seal is created when you apply heat to shrink wrap. This plastic seal provides full protection to its contents from dirt, dust and moisture. Other types offer UV protection to keep goods safe from sun damage. Moreover, shrink films or wraps are made from durable polyethylene plastic. They are tough on tear or puncture. They don't brittle easily even long exposed in the sun or extreme cold. They don't sag especially when heat is applied and sealed the object.

Shrink film help deter tampering issues. Poly shrink film will hold the shape of the object once applied. Any tampering attempts will be noticeable instantly. This makes it an ideal sealing wrap for many pharmaceutical and food products. Poly shrink film is less expensive than other packaging material and it helps minimize space by bundling items jointly without the need to use extra bulky materials.

For branding purposes, it is possible to customized with logos, wording and images that will help promote the product and increases brand awareness. If you need customized shrink films or wraps, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Premium Quality Packing List Envelopes

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 26, 2019
Atlantic Poly, Packing List Envelopes - Boston, MA

A packing list envelope is what you see attached outside the shipping box, tubes or envelopes. Their purpose is to protect the invoice or shipping lists it enclosed. At Atlantic Poly, we offer variety of sizes and a special adhesives that will securely bond to your shipping container. This extra strong adhesive will keep the packing list intact and in place despite the rough handling and transport.

Our packing List envelopes made here in Boston, MA will protect important invoices and shipping lists from weather elements and tampering issues. They can't be easily removed. They protect the paper enclosed from dirt and moisture. Our packing list envelopes makes inspection easier without the need to open the shipping box to check the items inside. This minimizes pilferage or damage.

Poly packing list envelopes are easy to use. Just peel off the back and stick it against the shipping box container. It is designed with panel face style so contents are easy to view through the envelope. While full face keep contents hidden for items that are confidential. The clear style is for general types of shipping document.

In need of premium quality packing list envelope? Contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

How To Pack Static Sensitive Items

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 19, 2019
Atlantic Poly Anti-Static Bag

Although static discharges are usually very low voltage discharges, they can significantly damage virtually any commodity packaged for shipping. Electrostatic discharge can rapidly transfer between objects. It usually takes place when materials accidentally come into another statically charged object. Utilizing anti-static bag packaging will eliminate this threat. There are many types of ant-static bag available in the market. Prior to checking out bulk orders, make sure first what exact type you need.

  • Pink anti-static bags - are the most common type. They protect items they contain by eliminating static buildup. This means certain amount of static electricity can still pass through the bag.
  • Metallic Shielding Bag - If you need a bag that can completely counter static electricity, opt for Metallic shielding bags with Faraday Cage protection. They are tough and can totally protect contents from harmful static that tries to reach inside. If you want to provide extra support for static sensitive contents, opt for metallic shielding bags with an extra layer in the middle.
  • Moisture barrier bags - this specialized bag can protect contents from ESD and moisture.

Contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. to help figure out the right anti-static bag that will work best for your ESD-sensitive products.

Gusseted Poly Bag Packaging for Commodity Shipping

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 12, 2019
Atlantic Poly Gusseted Poly Bags

If you need to package bulky or irregularly-shaped items, gusseted poly bags are the perfect packaging solution. Gusseted plastic bags are expandable and will accommodate multiple loose items because of its side and bottom pleats. As items slide within the poly bag, the poly expands and provides the necessary slack for the contents of the package. Gusseted poly bags have endless applications, but they are perfect for food products such as candies, baked goods, fruits and veggies, and ice cubes just to name a few. Hardware items such as screws, washers and nails can be packed as well using gusseted plastic bags.

The gusseted poly bags we supply to Boston, MA come in different sizes. You may also request made to order sizes to exactly fit specific items. They also come in rolls which makes dispensing convenient. They are perfect for factory or grocery packing use. They can also be sealed using heat-sealers. Gusseted poly bag allow packages to stand upright making them perfect for displays.

If you need different sizes of gusseted bags or custom-made sizes for a specific product, contact Atlantic Poly Inc.



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