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Stretch Wrap: Load Stability For Any Shipment

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 24, 2020
Atlantic Poly Custom Pallet Shrouds, Pallet Wrap, Stretch Films - Boston, MA

Finding the best value stretch or pallet wrap for your business application is a key contributor to profit or loss. Whether you are shipping a single pallet or a complete container loads, your choice of stretch wrap will have a huge impact on the secure and safe delivery of goods. Stretch wrap plays a major role in wrapping products on pallets and securing them to each other and the pallet. This reduces product loss, discourage load tampering and reduce worker injury.

Atlantic Poly’s stretch wrapping solutions are perfect for bringing together the best stretch films and other packaging supplies to make your load easy. With a high clinging ability of stretch film, it protect packages from dirt, moisture even theft in any shipping movement. Wrapping products on pallets and securing them to each other including the pallet are the main purpose of stretch film. This allows to tie the things together using a stretched and elastic hold over them. In addition, stretch films are made of polyethylene plastics and help pack a large shipment together.

This type of stretch film packing is ideal for large products that are for shipment as it holds them together in a secure manner and keeps them safe from various elements. As stretch film wrapping offers the ability to wrap a range of goods and holds boxes and products together in a pallet for transport. It has superior pricking resistance and high stretch levels. Its multi-purpose benefits make an ideal use in all business operations and personal activity.

Stretch wrapping is one of the most popular consolidating and pallet wrapping methods in the market today. It is a stretchable plastic film that will prevent products from being damaged in the shipment process. Stretch wrap loads are more secure which minimize shipping damages and delivers superior protection. Perfect palletizing should be done in clean lines, weight evenly distributed and secured with stretch film. Stretch wrapping will manage to keep it all together when everything seems to be falling apart. This product will help improve load stability, cost saving for your business and is safe and user friendly.

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SHRINK FILMS: All-Time Packaging Material

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 17, 2020
Atlantic Poly Affordable Quality Polyethylene Sheet Packaging - Boston, MA

For all your packaging and protection applications, there is a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs, shrink film. This packaging material is proven durability, delivered at a fair price, and is strong and efficient. We produce poly shrink film in rolls that span the need to cover items that can be hand-held all the way to covering entire pallets of cargo.

The shrink film we produce here in Boston MA is versatile and it performs well in any environmental condition. Our products are resistant and perform equally well in both extreme hot and cold environments.

Producers in all industries choose shrink film because it improves the shelf life of their products. They are less likely to experience problems with blocking from unavoidable exposure to heat or sunlight. It bundles well the items and secured the contents. More so, it is usable as pallet covers too. It is ideal for high-speed machine applications as well as manual due to its thickness. Another common use of this shrink film is packaging all-purpose items suitable for all types of food, chemical products, hardware, soap, sport, and others. It is suited to wrap automatic or semi-automatic machine to reduce the cost.

Shrink Wrap is made of high quality of clear transparent, waterproof and anti-dust that helps sustain the value of the product efficiently. Regularly this shrink film is very in demand among the toys, games and electronic gadgets because of high quality and excellent durability creating an enjoyable shopping experience and provides help in all your shopping needs.

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Affordable Bubble Wrap for Product Distribution Large and Small

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 10, 2020
Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Boston, MA

Wrapping fragile items for shipment must be carefully planned from both the standpoints of product protection and business expense. Not all bubble wrap are the same in terms of value and effectiveness. For decades, Atlantic Poly has served the needs of American business and we’ve sustained our business by providing the best value for bubble wrap and a host of other poly products such as poly roll-off liners, shrouds, and bags.

Items wrapped in Atlantic Poly bubble wrap are ensured to be the best protected items throughout the journey from source to consumer. Items wrapped in this proven effective packing material are supremely protected from scratching, flaking, sun, dirt, and dust.

Bubble wrap is one of the most practical packaging materials available given its ease of use and overall affordability. It provides perfect cushioning, fits any shape, and easily secured with packing tape. Learn why we are a leader in supporting the American shipping industry. Contact Atlantic Poly.



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