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Plastic Shopping and Grocery Bag Demand Surges At Covid-19 Outbreak

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 26, 2020
Atlantic Poly plastic grocery bag in Boston, MA

Single-use plastic bags, once banned in some markets prior to Covid-19, have emerged as a health care favorite. States across the U.S. have suspended the ban regarding plastic bags in retail trade during the outbreak. People are turning to plastic shopping bags as a measure to minimize the spread of the disease.

Some grocery stores and supermarkets now prohibit consumers from bringing their own reusable bags. In line with this, the demand for single-use plastic bags rises. As a response to this essential need, Atlantic Poly has doubled the production of our plastic grocery and medical bags. We manufacture both reusable and recyclable plastic grocery and shopping bags to many grocery stores and retail stores across the US.

So the question is why are plastic bags banned in the first place. It appears they contribute to consumer safety. Considering that our plastic bags for grocery are 100% recyclable and has a lower impact on the environment, it’s time to reconsider the plastic ban bill now and in the post Covid-19 future.

If you own a grocery store and require high-quality plastic bags that don't easily tear, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Clean Room ISO Certified Bags For Extremely Sensitive Items - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 19, 2020
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Clean Room ISO Certified Bags

There are a number of extremely sensitive business operations that require extra protection from contamination of airborne particulate. They need special packaging that will not only keep it clean from visible dirt but also from ultra-fine particles. This is where Clean Room ISO Certified Bags prove essential.

When measuring the size of a suspended matter, we use the term micron. .One thousandth of one inch (.001 or 1 mil) equals twenty five microns or .0000394 inches. Measurements of contamination usually base their measurements using particles measuring one half micron (.5 microns) or .0000196 inches.

As an example of relative size, a human hair measures approximately 40 microns in diameter while dead skin particles that shed from a human body can measure anywhere from 1 to 1,000 microns. Particles of dust are about 1 micron with bacteria anywhere from 0.3 to 10 microns. Now remember, our cleanliness levels are based on ½ of a micron.

Federal Standard 209E basically classifies a number units of cleanliest levels which are as follows:

  • Class 100 as the level of cleanliest that has no more than 100 particles in one cubic foot of air which is over .5 microns.
  • Class 1,000 as the level of cleanliest that has no more than 1,000 particles in one cubic foot of air which is over .5 microns.
  • Class 10,000 as the level of cleanliest that has no more than 10,000 particles in one cubic foot of air which is over .5 microns.
  • Class 100,000 as the level of cleanliest that has no more that 100,000 particles in one cubic foot of air which is over .5 microns.

The measurement levels go down to class 10 and class 1. Class 1 usually operates in an environment which necessitates the use of robots rather than human persons in order to maintain that level of cleanliness.

Our greatest number of requests for clean ISO certified film and bags is class 100. To conform to this, we must manufacture the bags and roll the film (through a web cleaner) in a class 100 environment. By using filtered super clean nitrogen in the bubble and additive free (barefoot resin) resin, we arrive with an interior surface classified as a level 100.

If your business requires the use of ISO certified clean room bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. We manufacture ISO certified bags and roll films available in various materials.

SHRINK WRAP: A Versatile Multi-Packaging System

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 12, 2020
Atlantic Poly SHRINK WRAP Boston, MA

Among the various packaging materials, shrink wrap is regarded as the most versatile and reliable poly packaging product for packaging irregular shaped objects, products with sharp corners, and heavy items. If you are in the business to produce and ship products, then you need a thorough understanding of the many types of shrink film on the market. With the right choice of shrink film, your packaging success will support and promote business success.

The use of shrink wrap offers great advantage because it reduces overall packaging costs from the retail shelf arrangement and speed in packaging time incurred. The outer appearance of the shrink wrap is crystal clear. The package is wrinkle-free and will not crack even in extreme temperatures. Since it seals strongly, the product supports diverse products of different shapes.

We offer the very best value in a wide variety of poly products. For more information regarding shrink wrap or any other type of poly product, contact Atlantic Poly.



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