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Poly Dust Barriers Reduces Labor Cost

- Friday, June 18, 2021
Atlantic Poly - Construction Film

Home remodeling projects are on the rise. Which is good news for construction and remodeling companies. Dust barriers or construction film is a vital element of home construction as they keep the customers’ homes as clean and inhabitable as possible. Those contractors who fail to use dust barriers learn the hard way. It takes significant time and labor to uncontrolled construction dust and debris.

Dust is a common problem in remodeling projects, and keeping your customers happy is very important for both repeat and referral business. However, dust works against you. To reduce clean up, and to keep your customers' homes clean, contractors want to be able to contain dusty areas as much as possible. The best way to do this is to invest in dust barriers or construction film.

Dust control products include temporary barrier systems, plastic sheeting, and floor protection. Contractors who use dust control supplies save money on labor while impressing customers. This is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and referrals. At the same time, construction film and other dust control methods make cleaning up quicker and more efficient, saving you money on labor costs.

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Custom Poly Shrouds with Zero Minimum Order Quantity

- Friday, June 11, 2021
Atlantic Poly - Custom Made Poly Shrouds, Hartford, CT

We produce custom polyethylene shrouds and poly shrouds can be manufactured from various types of film - low density, anti-static, mil spec material, etc. We understand the threats that lesser product protection systems inflict upon your profitability and your company’s reputation. That is why American industry returns to Atlantic Poly year-in and year-out for both excellence and value in poly product protection systems.

Packaging your products is very essential in business. It greatly helps to boost your sales and adds a tremendous impact in the presentation of the product that will get the attention of consumers. Focusing on the packaging you will enjoy huge potential sales and opportunities to promote your brand. With Poly shrouds packaging, it gives simplified packing a success winner.

Poly shrouds give a big influence in the packing design that influences many purchasing decisions with its impact and effect on the buyers. Packaging with poly shrouds absolutely matters to companies and their customers because it plays a major role in its functions related to marketing, sales and brand awareness. Adding more using this plastic packaging is very easy and without any inconveniences. The packing of products regardless of their length, width and height will guarantee that poly shrouds will give the full protection and security. Even irregular shapes of the product, with poly shrouds packaging you are assured that the product is well covered, well-fitted and goes with the product plastic material.

Packaging using the poly shrouds will protect the products and streamlined into customized design to promote the best image quality in promoting your products. It is an achiever as it gives strong impact in advertising your product, garnering sales and full assurance that the product is properly protected.

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True Liners: Well-Rounded Packaging That is All In One

- Friday, June 04, 2021
Atlantic Poly, Inc - True Liners

It is one of the most commonly used packaging in the industry, specifically the industrial shipping and packaging needs. It is trusted to provide full protection on the product, especially granular particles like powders, resins, grains, etc. It is a well-rounded packaging that is all in one that protects, secure and a perfect use for industrial and commercial packages.

True liners are proven to ensure full safety on the package that offers more protection from any potential damages on the product and safe from all outside elements like pollutants, toxins and other contaminants. Being a versatile packaging, it is used for storage and shipping of bulk quantities that are placed in a pallet-sized box because of its durability, sturdy and being tear-resistant. In packaging the products, it is a standard that an inner plastic bag is used to wrap the contents being placed inside the gaylord box. And whatever size you need, this packaging will be tailor made to your exact specifications. It is assured that the liner covers will fit over a loaded pallet and wrap securely the product.

The versatility of True Liners cover different applications on food packaging, resin products, powdered products, metal particles and a lot more. It is also a good partner in packaging because using the liners as cover reduces the packaging and shipping costs and releases less carbon footprint to be more environment-friendly.

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