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American Made Custom Vinyl Pouch Services

- Thursday, September 30, 2021
Atlantic Poly. Inc - Vinyl Pouch

For decades now, Atlantic Poly has produced custom quality and affordable vinyl pouches for the widest range of American made products. Today we’ll introduce you too one of our largest seller, vinyl envelopes.

Mailing Envelopes – Offered in clear or translucent colored envelopes used for direct mail as a higher quality, attention grabbing alternative to traditional envelope options.

Packing and Packaging Envelopes - used for all types of packaging, envelopes are available with various types of closures including hook & loop tape, plastic or metal snaps, adhesive, or flap and strap.

Policy Envelopes - large envelopes, usually given out by insurance companies as an alternative to policy wallets, to hold the policy and other important papers for the customer.

Presentation Envelopes - large envelopes used to hold various types of paperwork. Used in many applications at hospitals, banks, schools, businesses, and other settings.

We make custom vinyl holders, vinyl wallets, luggage tags, and a host of other holder products. All of our products are custom produced and value pricing regardless of desired quantity. For more information regarding custom vinyl pouches, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Poly Tubing Impulse Sealers: Like a Product Liability Insurance Policy

- Friday, September 24, 2021

With increasing advancement in poly packaging technology, consumers are developing increasingly high expectations for product visibility and protection. Increasingly, consumers demand packaging instructions and/or suffocation warnings that will inform educate distributors and end users alike regarding product liability risks. Poly tubing impulse sealer meets these standards that qualifies the extra handling of products ensuring that once sealed by impulse sealer it is permanently sealed and it will only be broken by cutting it open later or ripping it open for consumption or use.

With impulse sealer it is an added attraction that ensures the public of the necessary health warnings once the products are sealed. Furthermore, the sealing materials used in the impulse sealer machines are programmed for different materials, temperatures and sealing times. Indeed impulse sealers are valuable additions to any product line that uses poly bags or packaging in ensuring a safe permanent sealing.

For more tips on Impulse sealer, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Custom Poly Tubing Impulse Sealers

- Friday, September 17, 2021
Atlantic Poly, Inc

The ultimate grade of a commodity supplier is the quality of the product when it reaches the customer’s door. Commodity packaging plays a critical role in the quality of the product received at the end of the distribution line. We produce the ultimate in quality and value for Poly tubing impulse sealers.

Our custom poly tubing impulse sealer products play a vital role not only in product protection but for your firm’s brand awareness as well. This sealing product creates a permanent seal that can only be broken by cutting it open. When your reputation is on the line, trust America’s most proven poly product producing company, Atlantic Poly, Inc

To transform your product protection programs, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Quality Pressure Sensitive Labels for Every Application

- Friday, September 10, 2021
Atlantic Poly - Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are labels that stick to surfaces when pressure is applied. Poly Pressure Sensitive Labels adhere to most surfaces. They are manufactured as both removable and permanent so pressure sensitive labels have many applications.

Removable pressure sensitive labels are used in applications like surface protection films, masking tapes, note papers, price tags, promotional graphics materials, and much more.

Permanent pressure sensitive labels include safety labels for power equipment, foil tape for HVAC duct work, interior car trim assembly, for food products and for shipping. At Atlantic Poly we stock more than 365 different types of High Quality Polyethylene Pressure Sensitive Labels. We can offer different shapes, sizes and configurations.

You can expect superior quality and minimal delivery time for our printed pressure sensitive labels. Contact Atlantic Poly today!



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