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Poly Tubing Impulse Sealer: Maximum Preventive Measure For The Products

- Friday, October 29, 2021
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Poly Tubing Impulse Sealer

Every company invests in packaging for the safety protection of the goods. Products that are well-packed are secured and given proper precautions in order to maintain the quality and good condition of the product. Poly tubing impulse sealer offers maximum preventive measure for the products.

Poly tubing impulse sealer ensures that the products are free from danger and risk involved in food contamination, damages and possible risk during transport. This packaging ensures that necessary precautions are strictly followed in order to keep the goods safe and accessible for immediate use. In sealing the bags, the impulse sealer usually sends an electric impulse to heat the wire for sealing set for a short amount of time adjustable with the knob. It reduces the chance of getting burned while working on sealing the bags. The advantage of an impulse sealer is there is no need for warm up or a cool-down time. It is readily available for use. It is safe to use and seal the plastic permanently. It is an ideal equipment to use for poly tubing that ensures both ends of the packaging are tightly closed and sealed creating a trendy bag.

Poly tubing impulse sealer contributes to lesser packing time of the goods. It streamline the process and improve the production and packaging. It is user friendly as long the employees are properly trained in using the impulse sealer equipment resulting in a lesser risk and accidents. It is best suited for any business that makes the presentation of goods more attractive to buyers and overall protects the product.

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American Made Custom Vinyl Pouches: Package, Display, and Protect Your Product at Value Pricing

- Friday, October 22, 2021
Atlantic Poly, Inc. - Vinyl Pouches, Boston, MA

For every commodity producer, cost of goods sold is a foundational element of profitability. There are countless business decisions you make along the entire production and delivery process. One of the things that you can count on is to trust Boston-based Atlantic Poly for all of your product packaging and protection needs. Today let’s briefly discuss poly vinyl pouches that will deliver stellar product presentation, packing and protection of all your marketable goods.

The process in selling the products that are well-packed and presented in package packs with vinyl pouches will increase marketing value that will gain trust from customers. It is common in food packaging where vinyl pouches retain the beneficial effects of processing that extend shelf-life and maintain the quality and safety of foods. It is the reason many customers are fully satisfied because of the protection provided in the packaging. Vinyl pouches will give benefits to the buyers that meet their needs. The products that are secured offer good value which customers get by purchasing and consuming the product. With the goods and services that are delivered in an efficient manner people will be contented and assured that the products being purchased are of high standards that will create a profitable exchange for customers.

In addition, using vinyl pouches greatly contributes to an environmentally-friendly packaging of products. It becomes eco-friendly because of its reusability and the process of manufacturing. As such the valuable opportunity of Vinyl packaging boosts brand awareness, offers a better customer experience and most of all it builds long-term brand loyalty.

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Printed Poly Bags Are Good For Marketing

- Friday, October 15, 2021
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Poly Bags

Atlantic Poly’s printed poly bags are very affordable and indeed a profitable marketing tool for our customers. These items can be made from any density film, which allows using them in various ways. There are two common types of materials used for these packages, namely: polyethylene LDPE and HDPE.

The most common of printed bags are the T-shirt bags. The practical handles allow the T-shirt bags to withstand considerable weight, while their side folds help them achieve substantial capacity. Our plastic T-shirt bags are widely used in supermarkets and other commercial outlets. The low cost of these bags promote offering them free of charge to customers. Favorable prices make these bags an attractive target for advertising such as trademarks, logos, and contacts. In addition to advertising, they have a good branding value - according to studies; printed poly bags with logos increase the commitment to the brand.

Contrary to popular belief, T-shirt bags are not single-use. According to statistics, they are used 2-4 times on average, depending on their size and strength. They can be made of HDPE or LDPE. You can choose the size and shape of the packages, and the color of the film. Atlantic Poly ensures that these bags can be made for you in the shortest possible time.

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American Made Vinyl Pouches: Critical Supply-Side Commodity Protection

- Friday, October 08, 2021
Atlantic Poly - Vinyl Pouches

Everyone is aware of being environmentally conscious and promoting environmental awareness and its protection. And one way of contributing to the natural environment is making choices that will contribute to the sustainable development of our planet earth. Vinyl pouches can help you achieve great heights of successful packaging.

Vinyl packaging helps in the growing concern for the environment in terms of its material characteristics. It is durable, reusable and mostly transparent. It is so perfect to see the product in it making it a perfect packaging. In addition, the vinyl bags are customizable. If you wish to be tinted with color or whatever is the trend on bags designs, handles, zippers or many more, it is your creativity that will be made. Since it is vinyl material, it will be customized with high quality stamping, engraved or embellished in many ways. The design will greatly help in making it stand out by framing your vinyl bags making it cosmetic bags, garment bags, product packaging and many more. In this way, it will catch more attention of the customers by the product itself and its content.

Vinyl packaging gives you enormous opportunities on how you will make it your style. Being reusable you will achieve through vinyl material a bag that will be used even after your products are removed. After which it is even reusable as a travel bag or storage bag. It is possible for vinyl materials to be used over and over again.



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