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Custom American Made Commodity Packaging at Value Pricing

- Thursday, February 24, 2022
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Poly Sheeting

Our wide assortment of poly products is proven to be effective and value-based commodity packaging for the widest array of American enterprise. It is proven to secure the product with the material that is soft, puncture resistant, high in clarity, heat sealable and secures tightly the product. With Poly sheeting, it develops full protection packaging to the highest standard.

Polyethylene sheeting has been proven to be good for packaging. It developed full protection due to its leakage proof characteristics which means it does not allow water vapor to pass through it. It is heat sealed which is favorable in wrapping around the product and secured with an airtight seal. It is even more favored for electronic components because it gives protection from moisture and tampering. Being a versatile packaging film, polyethylene sheeting is being used in advertising to fit the product making it very adaptable. In addition to being customizable, the thickness and clarities and various different colors are customized depending on the design and style of the company. More so, it offers topmost plastic protection because it is lightweight and takes up less space and its durability is suitable for transport or delivery. In addition, it contributes in preserving food which makes it stay longer on the shelves and ensures that large amounts of food will not go to waste.

Polyethylene sheeting has been the most in demand packaging that serves all the needs in packaging food, electrical components, chemicals and almost all the products in the planet. It will be very difficult to transport and utilize a wide range of products that are not secured with plastic protection and which people rely on every day. Ultimately because it has many benefits and proven to be suitable for packaging, it is the main reason why it has been used to make many products for a long time.

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Quality Value-Priced American-Made Pallet Wrap: A Win For Your Business

- Friday, February 18, 2022

The main purpose of packaging products properly is to deliver goods without getting damaged and at the lower costs and transport safely to its destination. And if the packaging gives the impression of high quality, consumers will surely use it to market your business for you and will claim that they will order another product from the same company because of its superior quality packaging which is damage free. Pallet Wrap will cultivate a winning packaging with full protection.

Packaging's primary purpose is to provide physical or barrier protection for the products. There are pallets for storage, shipping and distribution and with pallet wrap it secures these loads onto pallets to ensure stability during transport and storage. The stretch film will reduce damage to be incurred on the product as it keeps the items tightly bound and waterproof and secure items to each other and the pallet in preparation for its shipment or storage. The stretch film or pallet wrap is a highly elastic and flexible plastic film that is suitable to hold products together. It is very flexible and the tension and amount of film is frequently easily adjusted. It is normally done by making a few layers of film wrapped around the load by hand or by means of a pallet wrapper in order to provide steadiness and protection. In addition other pallets are wrapped with colored film making the product highly recognizable or concealed to prevent theft.

The products wrapped in plastic film around a pallet are highly important to bundle or secure the products to protect against falling over, getting damaged or accumulating dirt during transport and storage. The film will wrap as tight as possible around the load without damaging the product. The outcome on the stability will be good, the pallet has no loose film end and the product looks presentable. In this way, the loads are secured and the company will be assured that there is less chance of product loss and tampering that will happen.

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Custom Pressure Sensitive Commodity Product Labels

- Thursday, February 10, 2022
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Pressure Sensitive Label

In order to meet customer fulfillment, it is necessary to have happy customers and end users and we know that torn, damaged or smudged labels will not do that. Pressure sensitive labels provide amazing print quality and durability so that the product will reach end users with labels.

Labels are used to convey important messages to consumers in every industry. It consists of different materials like paper, plastic film, cloth, metal or other materials affixed to a container or product on which is written or printed information or symbols about the product. It is a type of system designed to apply pressure sensitive labels to the product with single or multiple panels. It is very similar to a sticker. And a pressure sensitive label is made up of three layers: a face stock, an adhesive and a release liner. When the label is manufactured, the three components are sandwiched together in order to create a label material that will be printed on, laminated, die-cut or soon peeled off and applied to a particular product. It is a top notch labelling system to enhance the production line and fully protect the finished product.

Pressure sensitive labelling provides the perfect brand appeal and is very cost efficient. Generally, it appears in sharp, bright colors applied in different applications. It is easily applied and easily removed by peeling off the label from the container. It looks great and contains all the important information needed for the product.

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Branded Poly Garment Protection Bags

- Friday, February 04, 2022
Atlantic Poly, Boston, MA -  Garment Bags

This blog post is not just for our loyal professional cloth cleaning professionals out there, this is for all of you who invest significantly in your wardrobe. Caring for that investment should not be an afterthought. Professionals and individuals alike increasingly protect every piece of clothing in the closet with its own individual poly garment protection bag.

Your wardrobe has many enemies. Everyone is wised to the damaging effect of moths and other insects. But don’t discount the damaging effect of heat, humidity, dust, and other particles that take it’s toll on both the color and the strength of the fabric. For those of you who travel a lot, these threats are particularly threatening. Poly garment bags serve as their best friend there.

Our garments bags are durable and ensure top protection and safety of the fabrics inside the bag. The durability will stand heavy travel sessions, being lugged from taxi to airport, to metro and back again. It is so convenient to carry because it is lightweight and handy. It is beneficial to fix your things that help relieve stress. It will keep your clothes and reach your destination organized and clean from moisture and heat. And to ensure that the clothing is in perfect form, it is important that the right amount of clothes will be placed inside the clear poly bag to avoid creases in your clothing.

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