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Staple Pack Bags: Increase Product Protection and Shipping Efficiency

- Sunday, April 24, 2022
Atlantic Poly -  Staple Pack Bags

How your products are packaged has a direct impact on profitability. Your product packaging materials and internal packaging processes directly and significantly impacts your balance sheet. When you use quality packaging products like our staple pack bags, you enjoy perfect product protection and ease of use. The latter improves the efficiency of your human resources, the former limits/eliminates product loss. This is a prescription for profitability

Staple-pack poly bags meet the phasing standard of work efficiency with its fast, easy product handling and packaging. It is used for easy dispensing. It levels up the efficiency in the production line because the operators are not spending too much time handling individual poly bags. The normal procedure is placing the multiple bags neatly arranged on a chipboard header that will upgrade the packing process by removing the unpacking of loose bags one at a time from a box. These staple pack bags are convenient in ordering various size hang holes punched through the chipboard header and the bags. It gives easy and fast work to the packaging operator to easily remove a bag from the chipboard header after the product is placed inside. It is a very reliable packaging which is accessible, fast and convenient in packing products.

The proper application in using staple pack bags helps the packaging process become more efficient which will lead to improved profitability. These staple pack bags are offered for food and non food packaging and many others. Adding more, this pack will be customized depending on the size and gauge or thickness of the material of the bag.

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Pallet Wrap: Protect Transport and Warehouse Resources from Pallet Leaks

- Sunday, April 17, 2022
Atlantic Poly, Inc -

The utmost function of pallet stretch wrap is to offer stretch in order to stabilize pallet loads and bundle products together. It also ensures superior protection from dust moisture and dirt and minimizes damage in transit. Pallet wraps target full attention to leaks and tears of packaging in order to ensure the goods are safe, well-intact and well-protected.

There are large products that require full protection in order to avoid damage during transport or storage. It is an effective and efficient way to wrap these pallets that require extreme stretchable plastics in order to keep the items tightly bound and waterproof. Once the goods are wrapped it secures the item to each other in preparation for the delivery or storage. There are different types of pallet wraps like the cast pallet wrap that cling to items and have great clarity. It has good tear resistance and will not require much force to stretch. The product is visibly seen within the wrap and it unwinds freely compared to other types of wraps. There is also the blown pallet wrap which has the greater load holding power and a higher degree of memory when it is stretched. It has a high tear resistance from sharp or rough edges that products will be more secured with this wrapping.

There are many available varieties of colors, widths, thicknesses and types of pallet wraps. Focusing on the clarity of products that are fully wrapped the cast stretch wrap offers two-sided cling that allows the wrap to stay securely packaged. While the blown pallet wrap the product is not seen through the wrap. But it has a greater coercive force in wrapping. Whatever type of wraps will reduce the loss of products, prevent load tampering and theft and safely protect the product from outside elements.

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Garment Bags: Offer A Stylish and Comfy Carry On For Your Clothing

- Sunday, April 10, 2022
Atlantic Poly,Inc - Garment Bags

It is smart to pack light and smart for your trips or for storing of your expensive clothing. There is always a perfect solution that will give you peace of mind and assure you that your clothing will be maintained neat and clean. With the use of garment bags, it offers a stylish and comfy carry on for your clothing.

Garment bags or dry cleaning bags are very useful in transporting and storing your valuable clothing without leaving them wrinkled and creased even in travelling or transfer from one place to another. It helps maximize your carry space while on travel. It is very handy and greatly helps in making your precious and valuable clothing intact until you reach your hotel or destination. In addition, it gives a good impression of being stylish while travelling. More so, it protects the clothing from dirt and water to scuffs which the outer fabric resists everything that protects the inside clothing. There are other designs of the garment bags that have an outside pocket where you will put other essentials needed for your travel. It is allowed to be carried as hand luggage which means that you will be bringing it together with your rolling bag luggage without additional cost.

For those light packers, a garment bag will serve as the only carry-on while travelling. Depending on the size, it will accommodate several pieces of your clothing and its leather holder will give you more comfort to hold with each use and the solid brass zipper and waterproof cloth will mean that once sealed, nothing will get through to your precious garments. Travel light with garment bags!

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Value-Priced and Earth-Friendly Poly Gusseted Bags

- Sunday, April 03, 2022
Atlantic Poly Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted Pouches are one of the more commonly ordered types of bags from our advanced barrier pouch bag lines. No matter what type of packaging you need for your products our barrier gusseted pouches are an excellent choice. Over the past few years, the gusseted pouch bags have rapidly become the preferred choice of packaging for a wide range of products among the larger retail brands. Many of these retailers include food to packaging needs.

With over 39 years of manufacturing and supply experience, are well positioned to serve and meet the most demanding product packaging needs. We have been serving all of our customers with advanced packaging solutions. Our manufacturing plant is vertically integrated, so it works well for you as a one stop shop for all your plastic packaging requirements. We also offer our services for high volume orders.

Gusseted bags are custom designed and engineered precisely to meet the requirements of your product. The advantages of our gusseted poly bag are:

  • Very efficient both in terms of cost and earth friendliness compared to traditional tin-can packaging or other rigid packaging solutions
  • High level of convenience for consumers
  • Features such as spout or zip lock closure, microwave and oven readiness, easy tear-open, easy recyclability makes them a preferred choice
  • Outstanding shelf appeal
  • Easy logistics: no bulky packaging material and no need for labeling; no dents and no damage to the labels
  • Advanced high barrier property to provide maximum protection
  • Check out our gusseted bag selection to find out which size is right for you. And don't forget to check out our other products that we have been working with for over 39 years.

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