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Durable And Eco-Friendly Corrugated Boxes

- Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Atlantic Poly Corrugated Cardboard Boxes in Providence, RI

Companies that ship products almost always have a need for corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are made from Kraft paper in different paper weights to give strength to a carton. In a typical single-wall box there are 3 papers. An inside liner, a medium, and an outside liner make up the construction of corrugated boxes. All responsible businesses today are concerned with protecting the environment. We want you to know that our boxes are made from 100% post-consumer fiber yet provide our customers the strongest products on the market.

These regular slotted cartons provide a solution that not only returns waste back into the usable stream of packaging, but does it at no increased cost and no loss in performance. It is a perfect way (and just one of our ways) of going “green”. Today recycled corrugated boxes have tested at the same strength as those of the normal fiber variety, and this is not limited to 200% board. Paper board combinations are available to create board tests from 150% to 350% board strengths.

Printing is also not an issue with 100% post-consumer cardboard boxes. Box converters print both gradient and screen printing onto recycled custom boxes, giving it the same look that you would expect from a printed custom corrugated box.

In most cases there is no difference in cost between normal fiber corrugated boxes and 100% post-consumer recycled corrugated boxes. Check out our corrugated boxes and many of our other polyethylene products today. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact Atlantic Poly, Inc and we’ll be glad to assist you in any manner possible.

Plastic Medical Bags: Quality and Affordable Medical Supply Packaging Solutions

- Saturday, August 20, 2022
Atlantic Poly Plastic Medical Bags - Boston, MA

Medical supply packaging must adhere to the guidelines in the medical field of ensuring cleanliness, safety and protection. Packaging of medical supplies used on a daily basis like products and samples are placed in the plastic bags. With plastic medical bags, it safeguards the packaging of medical supplies.

The medical industry has permeated the use of plastics in handling all kinds of supplies. Using plastic medical bags has been part of healing that saves an unimaginable number of lives. And with plastic medical bags, it helps improve conditions for the sick because it ensures clean and sterilized bags that carry all the medical materials. It gives utmost care and protection because medical supplies are filled with bacteria and viruses that will make the patients sicker than they were before. With plastic bags it is produced with structural integrity and greater malleability where all these medical supplies are well secured and safely placed. There are several types of medical plastic bags to choose from based on what they are used for and what features it has to get the job done safely and effectively.

With the use of plastic medical bags, it will ensure patients are given quality care and medical personnel are guaranteed safe throughout their workday. In adhering to the standards, manufacturers are obliged to make medical plastic bags that protect the products within from the external environment and retain the purity, strength, and quality of the product.

For more tips on Plastic Medical Bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Branded Grocery Bags Message You as a Specialty Grocery

- Saturday, August 13, 2022
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Branded Grocery Bag

Branded printed grocery bags enhance the visual appeal while delivering positive marketing effect upon your customer base. They lift the reputation of the store and offers you just one more advantage over your competition as they help establish your store as a specialty store and not just another run of the mill grocer.

High quality printed grocery bags give customer fulfilment during shopping that makes them feel good about their purchases. The customer upon leaving the store with their purchase neatly placed in the printed grocery bags appears to be neat which is noticeable. It gives other people the desire for the brand and products and well-designed custom bags. It offers ease and security for customers transporting all their purchases. The quality printed bag with the company name, address and contact details will show the customer of a pleasant shopping experience and a desire to return. Customers nowadays are looking for eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags that will protect their goods, enhance their lifestyle and be green-conscious, reducing plastic waste. Taking care of the environment will deliver quality and usability.

The print on the grocery bags stands out in a long queue of branding noise. With the printed grocery bags, it delivers a kind of advertising with the packed products with a noteworthy message that delivers benefits for the business anywhere. It is an advertisement that never sleeps.

For more tips on Printed Grocery Bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Anti-Static Bags: Perfect Electronic Component Protection

- Saturday, August 06, 2022
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Anti-Static Bags

It has a sole purpose. These anti-static bags are designed to protect the contents within the bag from static damage. It functions by preventing static electricity from building up within the packaging in order that the products will be safe. Anti-static bags add value in protecting electronics products.

The manufacturers of electronics products are too reliant on the anti-static bags in packaging their products for shipping and storing. It is because the electronics get damaged due to improper packaging choices. Now that you are living in the electronic world in your daily lives, anti-static bags create tons of opportunities for companies looking to capitalize. In order to ensure that the electronic products are safe and sound, the anti-static bags will protect the product from any electrostatic discharge that will pose a real risk to people in the electronics industry. It is guaranteed that the products or materials placed inside the anti-static bags will be safe from static damage until the packaging will be opened again.

It is proven that metallic static shielding bags are absolutely essential if you are handling electronics products. Electronics if not packed properly will pose extreme damages to the products like semiconductors and other delicate electronic items. It is highly important to protect these products from electrostatic discharge. Failure to do so, will result in damages and losses in terms of product replacements and your reputation with the customers and in the industry as a whole.

For more tips on Anti-static bags, contact Atlantic Poly.



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