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Handheld and Machine Stretch Poly Film – American-Made Product Protection

- Friday, September 30, 2022
Atlantic Poly - Shrink Film

At Atlantic Poly we offer a wide range of packaging film supplies. Our stretch film packing products include Extruded or cast Polyethylene Handheld Film and Poly Stretch Film. It is available depending on your application. We also distribute stretch films and bundling films as cast or blown stretch films. Our films will improve your packaging cost. If you need a simple solution such as hand stretch wrap or, on a larger scale for pallet wrapping, we are the distributor for stretch films that companies use and trust.

Hand stretch wrap delivers superior puncture resistance and exceptional load retention. These properties make the hand stretch film the perfect choice for when you need a no frills stretch wrap. It is quiet, clear, and easy to release and rolls on smoothly.

Our Pallet Stretch Wrap is great quality and great value! It holds materials together safely while protecting them from dirt, moisture and theft. Top-quality polyethylene film offers outstanding tear resistance with superior stretch and cling.

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Quality Affordable Quick Zip Poly Bags: Deliver New Product Appeal to Your Consumers

- Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Quick Zip Poly Bags

Quick zip bags have surged in popularity in carrying and holding materials and purchases. It is commonly used in small products like foods, pharmaceuticals and a lot more. Other quick zip bags are resealable which makes them the favorite choice to maintain freshness of food products and prevent contamination by moisture and avoid spillage of stored products. The advantage of quick zip bags is that it is completely airtight and reduces the amount of air entering the bag. And this makes the food or pharmaceuticals products fresh and stays for a longer period of time. The packing gives an outstanding advantage in giving a beautiful transparent white color which is waterproof, dust proof and moisture resistant. Quick zip bags material are of high strength and flexibility that makes it more adjustable in packing the product.

Most consumers see the biggest benefit of quick zip bags being resealable packaging and how it preserves and extends the shelf life of the foods purchased. And for other products it gives convenient packaging that entices them to buy the product inside the package and gives them the fulfillment to enjoy the product right away.

In need of high quality quick zip bags , contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Quick Zip Poly Bags: Worthy of Your Products that they Protect

- Friday, September 16, 2022
Atlantic Poly, Inc

Among many brands and packaging, quick zip bags give an edge over other competitors' products. It gives an impression that the product inside the package has a higher quality. It gives a feel that with a sealable package it gives a specific benefit right away. With quick zip bags, it gives a convenient closure of packaging of any products.

The advantage of using quick zip bags goes to an all purpose product used in many ways from food to small parts, pills, writing implements, to small collectibles and many more. It is an ideal way to keep anything important either fresh, dry, wet, organized, separated or mixed or clean that will make consumers love your product. Many manufacturers are investing in these quick zip bags that make it a resealable packaging which is worth it and gives a customer fulfillment. Customers appreciate it and they show their appreciation by becoming loyal to the brand. It is noticeable how the quick zip bags are well appreciated in the market that it gives an impressive growth in the company. Further, people love these quick zip bags because it will keep their food fresh, preserving it and extending its shelf life and lastly being easy to open.

Quick zip bags are commonly used in products that will have a substantial shelf life. It is ideal being used for stand up pouches. In this way, consumers are expecting convenience on all sorts of products. And most of all its packaging adds value. The quick zip bags packaging contributes to the essential part of the product, improves its package and convince consumers that the packaging is worth their money.

For more tips on Quick Zip Bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Poly Medical Bag Solutions: Affordable Healthcare Packaging Solutions

- Friday, September 09, 2022
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Plastic Medical Bags

Plastic bags improve comfort and enhance features and functionality in the healthcare system. It plays a significant role to adapt along with the dynamic nature of the industry. With plastic medical bags, it makes healthcare easier, safer and more cost effective in the present time. It offers healthcare solutions that allow for healthier lives.

Plastic medical bags greatly enhanced safety in protecting medical safety devices such as tamper-proof caps on medical packaging, blister packs and various medical waste disposal bags. It protects the product from the external environment. It offers a convenient storage and transportation option where all disposable plastic syringes, blood bags, and other medical materials retain the purity, strength and quality of the products. In using these medical bags, it effectively preserves the integrity of other materials with the use of protective coatings and protects the product against light, moisture, physical damage, oxygen and temperature variations. In addition, with the durability and versatility of plastic bags, it does not damage the product in any way.

Plastic medical bags provide specialized solutions that offer safety and protection and completely protect the materials free of dirt and biological contamination that allows for better care and treatment. With medical plastic bags it does not react with either the internal contents or the outside environment. The packaging of medical materials withstands such stress and maintains the upkeep in the healthcare industry.

For more information regarding poly medical bag solutions, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.



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