Anti-Static Bags Keep The Shock Out Of Sensitive Items

27 Sep 2010

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You here the phrase “anti-static” bag and think, why do you need to protect something from static? You can barely feel it. Well while, people can barely feel static as it discharges in such low rates, it can virtually destroy a static sensitive item. This is because of ESD. ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge. It is a rapid transfer of electrostatic charge between objects, which can arise from human handling or contact with machines. This discharge can damage and basically fry static sensitive items. So anti-static bags help prevents this from ever occurring. But before you order just any type make sure you know which type you need. The most common type to be used is the pink anti-static bag. While this bag will help protect the contents of the bag, they will only help remove the buildup of static.

Static Electricity can still pass through the bag. What you need is a bag that can offer Faraday Cage protection; this can be provided by using our other type, a Metallic Static Shielding Bag. You do however need to be aware of any batteries or power packs that may touch the conductive layer and drain the battery. In cases such as this you will need a static shield bag, which has several layers of film with an in built metallic layer that provides the faraday cage protection. With this type of bag you can actually see through the material making the contents easier to Identify. These metallic shielding bags are powerful bags that will protect the contents both inside and keep harmful static from reaching inside. There is also an extra layer in the middle to add to the thickness of the bag itself, providing extra support for static sensitive items.

It is worth noting that in terms of cost the anti-static is cheapest, followed by static shielding then moisture barrier bags which are another type of bag that not only provides protection from ESD but also prevents moisture penetrating the bag and causing damage to a moisture sensitive device. As technology develops electronic devices are becoming far more sensitive so it’s important to establish what means of protection are required. Contact us today for more information on our anti-static bags and help determine which is best for your sensitive item needs.