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Common Uses for Our Custom Poly Wicketed Bags

- Friday, May 19, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc. - Poly Wicketed Bags

Atlantic Poly's custom wicketed bags are versatile packaging solutions that offer various uses across different industries. Here are some common applications of poly wicketed bags:

Food Packaging: Poly wicketed bags are frequently used for packaging a wide range of food products, including baked goods, fresh produce, snacks, and frozen foods. The bags provide a convenient way to store, transport, and display these items while keeping them fresh and protected.

Industrial Packaging: These bags are used in industrial settings to package items such as hardware, fasteners, small parts, and components. The wicketed design allows for easy filling and sealing, making them efficient for high-volume production lines.

Apparel and Textile Packaging: Poly wicketed bags are often employed in the garment and textile industry to package clothing items such as shirts, pants, and other folded garments. The bags provide a clear and neat presentation while protecting the products from dust, moisture, and handling damage.

Pharmaceutical Packaging: In the pharmaceutical industry, poly wicketed bags can be used for packaging smaller items like pills, capsules, and medical devices. The bags are often made with specific materials and features to meet the necessary standards for storing and transporting pharmaceutical products.

Retail Packaging: Poly wicketed bags find applications in various retail settings. They are commonly used for packaging items like toys, stationery, hardware tools, and other small merchandise. The bags can be customized with logos, branding, and product information, enhancing the overall presentation and promoting brand recognition.

E-commerce Packaging: With the rise of online shopping, poly wicketed bags have become popular for packaging products sold through e-commerce platforms. They provide a cost-effective and lightweight solution for shipping small to medium-sized items while ensuring adequate protection during transit.

Promotional and Gift Packaging: Poly wicketed bags can be utilized for promotional purposes or as gift packaging for events, trade shows, or special occasions. The bags can be customized with attractive designs and logos, offering a visually appealing way to present promotional items or gifts.

Overall, poly wicketed bags offer convenience, durability, and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of packaging needs across different industries. Contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. for high-quality custom-designed wicketed bags.

Custom Aclar Bags: High Performance Medical Product Packaging

- Friday, May 12, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc

Product packaging is crucial in protecting essentially every medical product from the moment the product rolls off the manufacturer’s line to the opening of the package within the clinical setting. We produce custom and branded Aclar bags that not only protect the product’s sterile nature while simultaneously promoting brand awareness of the manufacturer. Brand awareness is key across the medical industry and we can make that happen for you.

Packaging pharmaceutical products requires utmost consideration which suits the right packaging solution for the products. Deciding the type of plastic packaging, depends on the specific needs and application. The best plastic bag type polyethylene bags material, Aclar bags are translucent or opaque with a slight haze that will allow you to see the item inside. Polyethylene bags are ideal for packaging goods or items that require a high level of protection. Most manufacturing companies use polyethylene bags for packing and storing. It is due to its characteristics of being flexible, tear resistant, durable, low abrasion, and soft and pliable. It is crystal clear making them ideal for food, the medical industry, or any other industry where consumers need to clearly see a product before making a purchase. Aclar bags are known for its crystal-clear transparency, stiff and hard plastic, durability, and high environmental resistance.

Aclar bags package and present your products to your customers safely and well-protected. Polypropylene and Polyethylene plastics are the two most utilized poly bag types today. These bags are commonly used for food wrapping, electronics manufacturing, and hospitals to keep contents free of contaminants. It is crucial to know the advantages that each offer in choosing the right one that will satisfy your needs.

If you need custom aclar bags, contact Atlantic Poiy, Inc.

Custom Aclar Bags for Electrical and Health Commodity Packaging

- Sunday, April 30, 2023

Aclar Bags are a top support for the electrical and health care industries due to their moisture barrier capabilities.

Aclar is a flexible thermoplastic film made from fluorinated-chlorinated resins. It is considered a most effective product where moisture vapor prevention is of paramount importance. Aclar is a clear, poly-chloro-trifluoro-ethylene pharmaceutical packaging film for blister packaging. It is also being used as an oxygen barrier when flat embedding acrylic resins. In addition, it is customizable in thickness and size for cost-efficient blister packaging options. It is crucial in the packaging of pharmaceutical products to guarantee their safety, effectiveness, and quality. Its ultimate role is making sure that the product reaches the consumer in a secure and reliable manner and is protected for worldwide distribution.

It is perfectly suited in packaging pharmaceutical products because it adheres to fixation, dehydrating and embedding. Aclar major characteristics is being chemically inert, it will be sterilized and separates easily from epoxy resins. It enables a flexible, efficient thermoformable packaging platform in packing your products.

For more information regarding highly affordable custom Aclar bags manufacturing for your business, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Value-Priced Custom Nylon Anti-Static Bags for Electrical Component Packaging

- Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Nylon and Anti-static bags

Nylon anti-static bags are the best type of bag for containing electronic parts and devices because they effectively contain static electricity and prevent it from damaging the electronics. Static electricity is created when two objects rub together and electrons are transferred from one object to the other. This is especially common with fabrics, and if these fabrics are in contact with electronic components, it can cause damage.

Nylon anti-static bags are designed with a conductive coating that prevents the build-up of static electricity. This coating helps dissipate the electrical charge, protecting the electronic parts and devices inside the bag. The conductive coating also helps prevent the build-up of dust and dirt, which can be damaging to the components.

Nylon anti-static bags are also very durable and resistant to wear and tear. This makes them ideal for protecting delicate electronic components and devices. Additionally, they are lightweight, making them easy to transport and store.

Overall, nylon anti-static bags are the best choice for containing electronic parts and devices because they effectively contain static electricity, protect the components from dust and dirt, are durable and lightweight.

Contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. and let us make customized Nylon anti-static bags for you.

Custom Teflon Clean Room Bags

- Thursday, April 20, 2023
Atlantic Poly

Teflon Clean Room Bags are the perfect solution for protecting sensitive components in a clean room environment. Clean room bags are made of a special Teflon-coated fabric that is non-reactive and non-contaminating. They are designed to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and contamination control, and are perfect for use in a variety of industries, including semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food, and medical.

Atlantic Poly's Teflon Clean Room Bags are specifically designed to provide a barrier between components and the environment. They prevent contamination from entering the bag, as well as protect the components from particles and dust that can cause damage. The bags are also designed to be fire retardant, and are able to withstand extreme temperatures. They come in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate a variety of parts and components.

Clean Room Bags are used to store and protect delicate components, such as semiconductor wafers and integrated circuits, during the manufacturing process. They are also used to store components before and after testing and inspection. The bags keep components free from dust, dirt, and other contaminants, and help to maintain the integrity of the product. They are also used to protect components during transport, or to package and ship components to customers.

Teflon Clean Room Bags are an essential tool for maintaining a clean and contamination-free environment in the clean room. They are a cost-effective solution for keeping components safe and preventing them from becoming damaged or contaminated.

Contact Atlantic Poly for custom teflon clean room bags.

Custom Poly Aclar Bags: Unrivaled Specialized Medical Packaging Is Here for You

- Friday, April 14, 2023
Atlantic Poly - Custom Aclar Bag

Packaging of medical supply, most notably medicines, is vitally important. Here at our Boston-based Atlantic Poly we’ve been supplying the American medical community for decades now. As it pertains to poly packaging, you’ve arrived at the corner of quality and value. So let’s dive into some specifics of poly aclar bags.

It is crucial that effective packaging is the prime element in the pharmaceutical industry. It securely protects the drug during storage, sales, shipping, and use. The drugs being packed is the basis of the type of packaging to use as they will react to it. The goal is to pack the products for protection, safety, functionality, branding, and attractiveness. And for pharmaceutical products main objectives include chemical protection, portion control, containment, and security of the drug as well.

Aclar bags are commonly used in packaging of pharmaceutical products that protect the medicines from contamination and all external influences that will alter the drugs’ property. It is a flexible thermoplastic film made from fluorinated-chlorinated resins. It is the fluorine in its structure that gives the film excellent thermal and chemical stability that maintains the drug quality. Its packaging protects the product from physical damage including biological degradation. Aclar bags have clear and transparent features which are favorable in packaging the pharmaceutical products that need to disseminate information. These bags adhere to the distribution of pharmaceutical products that must have a proper and clear labelling or correct information that needs to be disseminated. In fact, there are life-saving drugs and medicines that require the utmost care in the form of cover, the reason why the packaging standards are strictly implemented and aclar bags are in full compliance of the packaging requirement.

Packaging of pharmaceutical products using custom-designed aclar bags is significant in the pharma companies. Because the primary packaging is crucial to protect the drug and not be affected by any other outside factor and ensure the medicine quality and its purity. It is guaranteed that it will hold solid medicines in place because aclar bags have excellent packaging that will not interact with the product during its entire life.

Contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. for customized aclar bags.

Pharmaceutical Supply Packaging Services: Aclar Bags

- Friday, March 31, 2023
Atlantic Poly - Aclar Bags

Atlantic Poly Inc. has manufactured and delivered Custom Aclar Bags for decades. No other poly producer in America matches the value and quality of the widest assortment of American-made poly products.

Our focus today is aclar bags commonly used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries to package and protect sensitive items, such as drugs, medical devices, and samples. It guarantees that the sterile products it enclosed are protected for worldwide distribution including tropical areas.

Aclar Bags are ideal for long-term storage of hygroscopic powders and similar materials. Because of its flexible thermoplastic film made from fluorinated-chlorinated resins, the fluorine in its structure gives the film excellent thermal and chemical stability. It is one of the best moisture vapor barriers among transparent films. It is significantly used because it meets the increasing barrier and shelf-life requirements of even the most demanding drug formulations for all climate zones. It is crystal clear, biochemical inert, highly resistant to most chemicals and sterilizable by heat or radiation. It is the reason why it is used widely in pharmaceutical, medical, sensitive electronics and military packaging. The high clarity of Aclar bags being transparent to see the contents inside, is highly favorable for quality control and product identification. In addition, because of its non-stick property, glass clarity, flexibility and smooth surface, Medical-Grade Aclar solves a variety of challenges associated with the processing of cultured cells for all types of microscopies, sterilizable, etc. With the use of Aclar bags, it meets the highest protective barrier and shelf life standards that are available in thermoform.

Aclar Bags are preferred by pharmaceutical companies for blister packaging and other healthcare packaging. Because its material is made of flexible PCTFE film provides unsurpassed moisture barrier properties for health care and industrial applications.

If you require high-quality Aclar Bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. We specialize in custom medical-grade Aclar Bags.

T-Shirt Poly Bags: Extremely Cost-Effective And Easy To Use in Packing

- Monday, March 20, 2023
Atlantic Poly - T-shirt Bag

Plastic t-shirt bags are so affordable when compared to cloth bags or paper bags. If you are a business owner and want to buy these bags in bulk, you will save a lot of money. It is biodegradable. The bacteria will easily decompose these bags because of the materials used. And these plastic t-shirt bags are faster to bag the goods in bringing home the groceries which saves a lot of time for busy cashiers. At the same time, it is also used to carry almost everything when moving around.

T-shirt bags are very much in demand not only because of its enormous uses but it also gives attraction to handle the goods purchased. When you hold up a plastic t-shirt bag with its handles, it will look more like a sleeveless t-shirt hence the name. T-shirt poly bags are so easy to open and pack. It is very efficient in attending to a lot of customers. Because you will easily pack the items using these bags and go. It does not need any space as paper bags to store that is the reason why plastic t-shirt bags will lay very flat and accommodate many items inside. At the same time there are custom t-shirt bags that are easy to carry since their handles are easy to hold, and do not cut the hands while shopping. In addition these t-shirt poly bags are customizable. If you want to print your business name on it, logo and other important information, you will. Further, these bags are reusable. It ensures that you reuse them to bring home the next batch before discarding them as long as the quality is pretty good. Most business owners prefer these kinds of bags because of its durability and being weatherproof. These bags outlive paper and cloth bags as well as provide protection from rain, water, etc.

It is very useful that is why it is very undeniable why many people prefer these plastic t-shirt bags. They are so durable and yes, very attractive unlike other forms of plastic bags. Ensure that you buy from the right supplier of these bags that offer the best thickness and dimensions.

Contact Atlantic Poly for customized t-shirt poly bags.

Custom Polypropylene Bags that Speak Volumes About Your Business

- Monday, March 13, 2023
Polypropylene Bags

We’ve served a loyal customer-base for decades now and we appreciate each and every one of you. Those that know us celebrate that we produce and deliver the highest quality and best value-priced polypropylene bag packaging solutions on the market today. But what is not so widely known is the environmentally friendly nature of our poly products. Let’s dig into that for a moment and what it means to our environment, and equally important, to you and your business.

Our custom polypropylene bags are a superior choice to other plastic product offerings. Our products offer a low carbon footprint. No toxins are released even in the recycling process. This is a environmental accomplishment that you can advertise. Today’s consumers consider environmental impact in virtually every purchasing decision.

Our polypropylene products are fully recyclable and thus limit the flow of our products into landfills. Very important is the fact that they are fully customizable and can be decorated with traditional printing methods. Your customized brand and messaging can be affixed to every individual product.

When you need true quality, value, and environmentally poly products for your business, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. We specialize in manufacturing custom polypropylene bags.

Anti-Static Bags: Keep Item Safe and Person Transporting IT

- Monday, March 06, 2023
Atlantic Poly - Anti-static Bags

Welcome back to our Norwood, MA-based polyethene product manufacturing company blog. If you are new to us, than we’d like you to know that we manufacture fully customizable polyethylene bags, roll off liners, clean room bags, and an assortment of other poly products used within America’s manufacturing and transportation industries. Because of the quality and value-priced nature of our products, we’ve proud to be recognized as the most trusted American-made poly product producer for over 44 years now!

Today, let’s discuss just one of our celebrated poly products, anti-static bags.

Anti-static bags are commonly utilized by producers and transporters of hazardous and/or combustible materials. Poly anti-static bags serve the extremely important role of preventing naturally occurring electric energy buildup inside packaged volatile products. We are here to tell you today that not all anti-static products on the market today are equally effective. Quality and price matter. We deliver both!

Let us put it simply. If you do not use Atlantic Poly’s Custom Metallic Shielding bags, you are unlikely to be maximizing the safety of your hazmat packaging. Equally important, you are not enjoying lower business operations cost as there is no manufacturer that can match the value of Atlantic Poly’s products.

Allow us the privilege to explain to you personally how we do this. Contact Atlantic Poly anytime to talk or request a direct quote.



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