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Plastic Shopping and Grocery Bag Demand Surges At Covid-19 Outbreak

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 26, 2020
Atlantic Poly plastic grocery bag in Boston, MA

Single-use plastic bags, once banned in some markets prior to Covid-19, have emerged as a health care favorite. States across the U.S. have suspended the ban regarding plastic bags in retail trade during the outbreak. People are turning to plastic shopping bags as a measure to minimize the spread of the disease.

Some grocery stores and supermarkets now prohibit consumers from bringing their own reusable bags. In line with this, the demand for single-use plastic bags rises. As a response to this essential need, Atlantic Poly has doubled the production of our plastic grocery and medical bags. We manufacture both reusable and recyclable plastic grocery and shopping bags to many grocery stores and retail stores across the US.

So the question is why are plastic bags banned in the first place. It appears they contribute to consumer safety. Considering that our plastic bags for grocery are 100% recyclable and has a lower impact on the environment, it’s time to reconsider the plastic ban bill now and in the post Covid-19 future.

If you own a grocery store and require high-quality plastic bags that don't easily tear, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Clean Room ISO Certified Bags For Extremely Sensitive Items - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 19, 2020
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Clean Room ISO Certified Bags

There are a number of extremely sensitive business operations that require extra protection from contamination of airborne particulate. They need special packaging that will not only keep it clean from visible dirt but also from ultra-fine particles. This is where Clean Room ISO Certified Bags prove essential.

When measuring the size of a suspended matter, we use the term micron. .One thousandth of one inch (.001 or 1 mil) equals twenty five microns or .0000394 inches. Measurements of contamination usually base their measurements using particles measuring one half micron (.5 microns) or .0000196 inches.

As an example of relative size, a human hair measures approximately 40 microns in diameter while dead skin particles that shed from a human body can measure anywhere from 1 to 1,000 microns. Particles of dust are about 1 micron with bacteria anywhere from 0.3 to 10 microns. Now remember, our cleanliness levels are based on ½ of a micron.

Federal Standard 209E basically classifies a number units of cleanliest levels which are as follows:

  • Class 100 as the level of cleanliest that has no more than 100 particles in one cubic foot of air which is over .5 microns.
  • Class 1,000 as the level of cleanliest that has no more than 1,000 particles in one cubic foot of air which is over .5 microns.
  • Class 10,000 as the level of cleanliest that has no more than 10,000 particles in one cubic foot of air which is over .5 microns.
  • Class 100,000 as the level of cleanliest that has no more that 100,000 particles in one cubic foot of air which is over .5 microns.

The measurement levels go down to class 10 and class 1. Class 1 usually operates in an environment which necessitates the use of robots rather than human persons in order to maintain that level of cleanliness.

Our greatest number of requests for clean ISO certified film and bags is class 100. To conform to this, we must manufacture the bags and roll the film (through a web cleaner) in a class 100 environment. By using filtered super clean nitrogen in the bubble and additive free (barefoot resin) resin, we arrive with an interior surface classified as a level 100.

If your business requires the use of ISO certified clean room bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. We manufacture ISO certified bags and roll films available in various materials.

SHRINK WRAP: A Versatile Multi-Packaging System

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 12, 2020
Atlantic Poly SHRINK WRAP Boston, MA

Among the various packaging materials, shrink wrap is regarded as the most versatile and reliable poly packaging product for packaging irregular shaped objects, products with sharp corners, and heavy items. If you are in the business to produce and ship products, then you need a thorough understanding of the many types of shrink film on the market. With the right choice of shrink film, your packaging success will support and promote business success.

The use of shrink wrap offers great advantage because it reduces overall packaging costs from the retail shelf arrangement and speed in packaging time incurred. The outer appearance of the shrink wrap is crystal clear. The package is wrinkle-free and will not crack even in extreme temperatures. Since it seals strongly, the product supports diverse products of different shapes.

We offer the very best value in a wide variety of poly products. For more information regarding shrink wrap or any other type of poly product, contact Atlantic Poly.

Poly Tapes Simplified Manufacturing Bonding Process

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 29, 2020
Atlantic Poly Polyethylene Tapes Boston, MA

Adhesive tapes are the most convenient method to stick objects together as they require minimal thermal applications vs mechanical fastening or bonding methods. They also serve as a surface protection since applying it does not require damaging the surface with the use of screws or fasteners.

Polyethylene plastic tapes or poly tapes come in different sizes, color and strength. Atlantic Poly offers the following types of tapes:

    Masking Tape - This all-purpose tape performs incredibly in temperatures up to 200ºF. Easy to apply. Seals effectively. Can be removed without leaving a residue. Rolls come in 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", and 2" widths and various lengths. Packaging Tapes

    Non-Asphaltic Sealing Tape - This water activated tape is made from heavy duty craft tape. Reinforced with glass fibers lends additional structural strength and stability. Available in 3" wide rolls in lengths of 375', 450', 1,000'.

    Plastic Sealing Tape - Tough 2mm polypropylene is ideal for sealing cartons without moistening. Available in clear or tan. Comes in convenient 2" wide rolls in lengths of 55 yards or 110 yards.

    Glass Filament Tape - This 7mm tape provides the strength of steel strapping without the dangers. It is ideal for bundling odd shapes or to secure doors or movable parts during shipping.

To order the poly tape of your choice, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Recyclable and Reusable Plastic Shopper's Bags Popularity During this Pandemic

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Atlantic Poly plastic grocery bag in Boston, MA

The level of personal reuse of plastic grocery bags is soaring. It appears that many people are cautious about getting close contact with other people's stuff, to include supply chain products such as plastic grocery bags. Some regions in the US temporarily lift the ban of single-use plastic bags as a response to pandemic measures.

Since it is still uncertain when this pandemic will end, it seems plastic shoppers' bags will stay in demand for a longer period as people now will remain leery even if the local government will announce clear of the virus. Prior to the pandemic, some people chose not to use plastic bags for environmental concern. What most do not realize is that we supply reusable and recyclable plastic grocery and shopping bags to grocery stores across America. They can be washed when you want to reuse it to ensure it is free of germs.

Here are some of the benefits of using recyclable plastic grocery bags versus reusable paper bags:

  • Plastic bags are 100% recyclable and for all environmental impacts related to air emissions, water emissions, and solid waste – those of paper bags are significantly greater than that of plastic grocery bags
  • Plastic bags use 40% less energy to produce and generate 80% less solid waste than paper
  • Paper bags generate 70% more emissions and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags
  • Even paper bags made from 100% recycled fiber use more fossil fuels than plastic bags
  • Coronavirus can remain for only 2-3 days on plastic but on paper, they can stay viable for up to 5 days.

For more information about our custom recyclable plastic grocery bags, contact Atlantic Poly. Inc.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels for Commodity Identification

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Atlantic Poly Pressure-Sensitive Labels Boston, MA

Pressure-sensitive labels are decals or stickers you found attached to the widest range of commodity products. They serve as a product identifier and provide details about the product. Common product applications are bottled or canned goods, toys, medical devices, mailing corrugated boxes, and the list goes on.

If you look at them closely, you'll see that pressure-sensitive labels are made up of multiple layers: the liner, the adhesive, the face stock, and finally, the topcoat or laminate. Each layer performs different functions.


The liner is a web film that serves as the backing material. The film can be a semi-bleached paper, a craft paper, or a much tougher clear film. A special coat is applied to the liner so it will be easier to take off the label regardless of how tough the adhesive used.


The face stock is the primary component of the label. The material options range from a paper, a film to a metallic foil. This is where the ink is pressed. A topcoat or a laminate can be put in place as a protective layer of the artwork.


It is the layer where a tough glue is applied so it can stick to any surface. The adhesives are already applied during the manufacturing so the sheet or roll of labels is ready to use once received by the customer.

Atlantic Poly manufactures 365 different types of Polyethylene Pressure-Sensitive Labels. We only use special types of adhesive so the labels will adhere to most surfaces. Most Wholesale Polyethylene Labels and Wholesale Poly Labels ship within 48 hours. As a Pressure Sensitive Label Supplier, we offer 500 labels per roll. Call Atlantic Poly, Inc. for custom pressure-sensitive labels.

Laboratory and Medical Specimen Bag Services

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 08, 2020
Atlantic Poly Atlantic Poly Shrink Wrap: Protecting Perishable Products for Decades - Boston, MA

For decades now (and long before the current pandemic), Atlantic Poly has manufactured and delivered high-quality specimen bags to labs across the United States. Never settle for weak and/or unproven specimen bags, the risks to you and your business is just too high. We stand ready to proudly reference the countless American labs and medical communities that utilize what is widely believed to be the very best quality specimen bags on the market today.

Atlantic Poly's plastic medical bags are excellent for wide range of medical applications. We carry a large inventory of nylon and anti-static material which can be converted into custom pouches. They are designed with leak-proof re-closable (zip lock) seals made of virgin polyethylene and meet all USDA and FDA requirements. Its high quality zip can excellently protect your product from spillage and spoilage while being stored. It also features an outer pouch that separates and protects labels.

Indeed, our medical bags are useful in laboratories and in hospitals to securely handle, transfer and store specimens. If you need reliable specimen bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc, to request a quote and order. Just specify the size and quantity you need, we can ship your product right away!

Atlantic Poly Shrink Wrap: Protecting Perishable Products for Decades

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 30, 2020
Atlantic Poly Atlantic Poly Shrink Wrap: Protecting Perishable Products for Decades - Boston, MA

Shrink wrap serves in countless product protection roles with perishable product protection being one of its leading roles. With a single roll of shrink film and a simple heating source, your perishable food products are protected by a waterproof, UV sun protective, weather-resistant, and tamper-proof film.

A common and extremely important aspect of shrink wrap is that the film is clear. Items such as fruit and vegetables can be viewed when enclosed in this packaging. This helps the customer to gauge the quality of the product and empowers them to ensure they select the best product available. It is also highly receptive to product marking inks and glues while ensuring these foreign materials penetrate through the wrap and onto the product. Shrink wrap protect products from ambient air and the spoiling effect this has on many perishable products.

Our shrink film spans in size from 12” TO 16” and span in thickness from 60 gauge to 100 gauge. We can and welcome the opportunity to manufacture customized solutions as well. For more information regarding the best quality and value in shrink film production, contact Atlantic Poly.

BUBBLE WRAP: An Indispensable Component of Commodity Packaging

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 27, 2020
Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Boston, MA

The functionality and popularity of bubble wrap is its ability to provide perfect cushioning, fit any shape, and is easily secured. Safely delivering products from production to the consumer requires multiple packaging protections with bubble wrap performing arguable the most vital protective service.

Not surprisingly, it is the familiar rolls and bags of bubble wrap that will serve as the primary protector of your products and reduce the cost of shipping-related damaged goods. The air-filled material provides the most convenient way of packing and securing your items while adding negligible weight (and associated cost) to your freight expenditures.

Bubble wrap will securely fit the surface of whatever object is inside regardless of its shape and size. Our bubble wrap comes in various forms like sheets, bags. They are offered in various sizes from large to the smallest of bubbles. the bubble wrap is cheap and reusable. And they are reusable too.

For more information on the highest quality and best value priced bubble wrap on the market today, contact Atlantic Poly.

SHRINK FILMS: Rising Demand Leads To Market Growth

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 17, 2020
Atlantic Poly Affordable Quality Polyethylene Sheet Packaging - Boston, MA

With the rising demand of shrink films, it obtains the consumer goods packaging and commercial packaging that encourages market development. It is very famous due to its special feature that it forms different variety of shapes making it perfect for objects that have an unusual form and a tear-resistant protection. The demand for stretch films in packaging of most manufactured goods gives a positive impact in the plastic industry. The superior packaging qualities of shrink film includes durable sealing capability and effortless usage that makes it frequently used.

Shrink film is made up of polymer plastic film. When applied it covers the product and heat is applied to covered plastic which shrinks tightly over the product it is covering. It is commonly used for wrapping food, boxes, and bottles. Most people prefer the polyolefin plastic shrink film for the covering and packing due to its physical characteristics such as availability, variety of thickness and strengths compared to other materials. This polyolefin shrink film is extremely durable and versatile material. It has cross-linked feature that provides high-tensile strength and at the same time very transparent allowing the items enclosed to be visible once it is wrapped.

Moreover, shrink films have astonishing strength noted for its high resistance to puncture marks or tears. It is very beneficial throughout the supply and delivery chain but also dependable in securing products which have an unusual shape being wrapped. As such the demand of the shrink film is increasing its demand from the rapidly growing food and beverages industry due to its wide range of uses. The natural features of shrink plastic film to mold into various shapes and sizes for the purpose of packaging, storage and transport of edible items surely boost the demand of the shrink plastic film leading to market growth.

For more tips on shrink films, contact Atlantic Poly.


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