Are you Purchasing the Right Trash Can Liners for your Business?

17 Aug 2012

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Every business has a need for trash can liners, or trash bags. But, is your business purchasing the right trash bag for your needs?

Resin – This is what we use to manufacture trash can liners. The two types of resins used for trash can liners are High Density and Linear Low Density.

Low Density Trash Can Liners-

Made from high quality resins, low Density trash bags are very resistant to puncturing and tearing. This makes Low Density trash can liners perfect for restaurant kitchens or other applications where glass or sharp objects are in the trash.

We also carry Biodegradable Low Density Trash Can Liners.

High Density Trash Can Liners-

High Density trash can liners are made from high density resins. These are perfect for offices, restroom, or trash with less sharp edges. These are less expensive than low density can liners.

To place your order for trash can liners, contact Atlantic Poly.