Atlantic Poly Serves A Wide Array of Specialty Markets

19 May 2011

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Atlantic Poly serves the polyethylene packaging and protection needs of virtually every American industry to include Agriculture, Biomedical, Semiconductor, Electronics, Manufacturing. Medical,  Defense,  Pharmaceutical, and Hazardous waste. It is one our proudest achievements to play a critical role in all the major industries that drive our nation’s economy.  Today, we’ll review three critical US markets that Atlantic Poly contributes in vital roles.

Military Market:  A nation at war must surround itself with proven quality suppliers. That is why for years we have  supplied the U.S. Department of Defense with over a dozen polyethylene packaging products.  Each product conforms to unique and rigid Defense Department military design specifications.  

Semiconductor Market: The recent natural disaster in Japan crushed Japan’s semiconductor manufacturing industry while simultaneously energizing  the US Semiconductor Market.  Atlantic Poly is enabling our domestic market to ramp up production.  When a single strand of dust that enters the semiconductor chip manufacturing process ruins the product, the industry must be delivered flawless polyethylene packaging materials.  Our Clean Room ISO Certified Bags protect down to ½ of a micron (a dust particle is twice that size).

Merchant Marine Market:  As you might imagine, an industry that exists within salt water and salty air battles one major enemy on a continuing basis: corrosion.  The film of Atlantic Poly  Polyethylene Vapor Inhibitor Bags contain a blend of proven vapor phase and contact corrosion inhibitors which will counteract the corrosive effects of humidity, salt, and pollutants for years. These yellow tinted Poly Vapor Corrosion Bags are manufactured to protect the enclosed item from rusting.

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